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Window Replacement & Installation

Window Replacement & Installation

Window Services

J-Tech Construction provides glass window replacement and installation for your home in Omaha, Lincoln, and Grand Island Nebraska.

Our team of window technicians will assist in all sorts of commercial and residential window services, including the removal and disposal of old windows after the replacement is complete. Choose from a wide selection of window types, including awning windows, casement windows, and plenty of other styles that you’ll love.

What’s Included in the Window Installation Process?

If you’re interested in our window installation services, here is a quick preview of what to expect when you work with J-Tech Construction & Solar:

  • Start with a free consultation with one of our window installation experts, including a quote for labor and materials
  • Choose from hundreds of combinations of window sizes, colors, styles, frames, and accessories
  • Our team will measure and assess the condition of the current windows, highlighting any potential issues that may need to be addressed during installation
  • We’ll discard your old windows free of charge
  • Free delivery of the new windows on the installation date

Window INspection & Testing

After the window installation process is complete, J-Tech’s window installation team will also inspect the windows to ensure they are properly installed and functioning correctly. They may also perform tests to check for proper operation, air leakage, and insulation effectiveness.

Window Installation

In addition to window replacement, J-Tech’s Nebraska window installation experts are able to install commercial windows and residential windows of all sizes.

Replacement Windows

J-Tech Construction specializes in window replacement. If your windows need to be replaced, our window technicians can also tackle the removal and disposal of your old windows.

Window Buyer’s Guide

Looking to buy new windows? The number of window types can feel overwhelming. Learn more about the process of window replacement here.

J-Tech Window Options Include:

Awning Windows

Basement Hopper

Bay & Bow Windows

Casement Windows

Double Hung Windows

Garden Windows

Picture Windows


Sliding Windows

Swing and Slide

View Our Window Technology:

Double Pane Windows

Triple Pane Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Insulating Glass

Security Windows

Windows Information

J-Tech Construction is your one-stop shop for glass window replacement, window repair, and any other window services that you may require in Nebraska. Contact us to schedule a free estimate before you buy new windows in Omaha, Lincoln, and Grand Island.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install windows yourself?

Window installation can be done by anyone that’s willing to invest some time and energy into it. If you’re experienced with other home improvement projects, it’s worth a try. Otherwise, our team at J-Tech is happy to provide window installation and replacement services to homes and commercial buildings across Nebraska.

Which window type do I need for my house?

At J-Tech Construction, we specialize in the replacement and installation of over a dozen different types of windows. Our team of window professionals list a few of the best types of windows for a certain room and make a recommendation based on size and shape.

Do new windows increase home value?

Getting rid of your old windows and installing newer styles is one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home. Obviously, depending on the type and number of windows that you install, the return on investment may vary. Aesthetics and energy efficiency are both frequent talking points that come up during the home selling process.

How do I know if I should install new windows?

Sometimes it can be quite obvious if you need new windows. Cracks, rotting wood, and other signs of deterioration indicate a failure in the window and should be replaced. But what if your windows last for years without obvious damage? Some of the most commonly ignored signs that you need replacement windows are drafts, condensation, low soundproofing, and rising energy bills due to the lack of insulation.

How long will new windows last?

Installing a modern set of residential windows will often last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Some windows will last even longer, but we recommend at least scheduling an inspection around this time to ensure that there are no signs of wear that will in turn increase your heating and cooling bills.

Should I shop for vinyl or wood window frames?

Vinyl and wooden window frames are two of the most popular materials available. Vinyl frames are generally preferred because they are more affordable, require little maintenance, and are highly energy efficient. Wooden window frames, while still quite energy efficient, are slightly more expensive. Wooden frames are often preferred for their natural aesthetic.

Are there any fees when I request a window estimate?

No. J-Tech will perform window examinations and estimates free of charge. If you suspect that your windows are starting to show signs of age, our team can evaluate the quality of the windows in question and make a recommendation. We’ll also take measurements and try to provide a cost estimate if you already have a specific replacement window type in mind.

Are there any ways to customize my windows at J-Tech?

Yes. When you’re deciding on which types of windows you’d like installed, keep in mind that some varieties allow for further customization. Tinted glass and privacy glass windows are great options for kitchens and bathrooms while decorative glass windows look beautiful in family rooms and dining rooms.