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Winter Window Replacement

Winter Window Replacement

Winter isn’t the time of year most would consider ideal for home improvement projects. The cold, wet, gloomy weather tends to put a damper on things, leaving homeowners repeating the same refrain all season long—”We’ll get to it in the spring.”

But can windows be installed in the winter? While there’s nothing wrong with choosing to wait for warmer weather before tackling a new home project, we’d urge you to think outside the box and consider the benefits of starting home renovation jobs during winter. Certain projects, like window replacements or roof repair, can actually be a great winter undertaking. This week, we’re giving you a couple reasons why replacing your windows with a more energy efficient option is actually the perfect winter task and outlining a few cold weather-specific issues to watch for.


There are plenty of benefits that come along with choosing winter for your window replacement project. The first is financial. Because winter is a slow season for many companies, you’re likely to get the best deals on your new windows when you wait until winter. Peak window-replacement seasons are often spring and autumn, so waiting until spring may actually be detrimental if you’re looking for low prices. If you’re looking for the cheapest time of year to replace windows, go when business is slowest.

Similarly, you’re likely going to get flexible service during winter because of the scarcity of available jobs. Spring is a popular time for home improvement projects, leading to increased demand for window replacement services. By replacing your windows in the winter, you can avoid the rush and have your new windows in place before the weather warms up. Whatever experts you choose for your project will be adaptable, giving you the opportunity to choose installation dates and times that work best for your schedule.


The most important question you could ask a window installation company before choosing their services is, “What are your procedures for replacing windows during winter.” They should be able to tell you about all the different ways they’ll work to keep your home warm and clean throughout the process. When considering window replacement in the winter, it’s essential to hire professionals who can complete the installation efficiently and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption to your home during the colder months.

There are three main components to the process of most window installation workers when working in cold weather:

  1. Localizing areas which let in the cold,
  2. Using plastic barriers for big replacement jobs
  3. And cleanliness.

Experienced installers utilize specialized techniques to ensure a seamless installation process when replacing windows in the winter. First, they’ll work on one window at a time. In doing so, workers are able to localize the area that’s losing heat and work quickly to get the old window out, the new window in and your home resealed so that it only loses minimal heat.

Using plastic barriers should also mitigate the cold issue. All window installation experts know that using floor-to-ceiling plastic barriers is crucial for winter jobs for larger windows that take more time to replace. Bay windows, large picture windows and even some larger styles of transom windows will require plastic barriers as they take longer to replace.

The last thing you should watch for can usually be found out easily through Google or Facebook reviews—how does a company mitigate winter messes? Window replacement, like most home improvement projects, involves a lot of walking from outside, back inside and back out again. Window installers should have a process for reducing the amount of mud, slush and yuck that gets tracked into your home, so talk to the experts you choose about how they’ll keep the mess to a minimum.If you’re in the market for newer, more efficient windows, contact J-Tech Construction for a free estimate for winter window installation. We’ve got a wide selection of both double- and triple-pane windows, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!


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