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Privacy Glass

Prevent disturbances with privacy glass windows for homes. Privacy glass doesn’t have to be standard anymore. With options such as glue chip, obscure pebble, chinchilla, and waterfall, homeowners can gain privacy in their homes and a beautiful aesthetic at the same time. Privacy glass is available in all styles and levels of ProVia windows. ProVia privacy glass can be custom designed to fit any frame and any room in your house. For privacy glass installation, be sure to contact J-Tech for a free estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does privacy glass work?

Privacy glass windows will allow light to enter your home while obscuring a clear view of the inside of your house. This is achieved by creating glass windows with unique designs and atypical patterns that one would not find on a standard window. Frosted glass is the most common type of privacy glass windows for homes, and will intentionally appear blurry.

Can you see through privacy glass?

Yes and no. The entire point of privacy glass windows is preventing wandering eyes from looking through the window. However, privacy glass is still “glass.” Looking through will allow someone to see vague outlines and profiles of whatever is on the other side without giving a clear focus.

Can privacy glass be removed?

Yes. Once you install privacy glass windows for your home, you can swap it out at any time. If you’d like to switch a bathroom window with a different type of window, or even another style of privacy glass window, our team at J-Tech can remove and install ProVia privacy glass windows in less than a day.