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Wooden Window Frames

Wood Replacement Windows

You don’t need to sacrifice style for efficiency when you install wooden windows with J-Tech. By teaming up with ProVia, J-Tech now offers all kinds of stylish and modern wooden window frames made of oak, maple, and cherry. There are several types of wooden windows that you can have installed, and even more opportunities for customization when you add screens, paint, and decorative glass. Reach out to our team today to start the wood window installation process.

What are wood windows?

Wooden windows are classified as any glass window with a wooden frame. Wood window frames have a traditional look to them, but they’re still one of the better types of windows in terms of insulation. Furthermore, wooden windows can be easily painted to perfect your interior design. Work with J-Tech for professional wood window installation at your residential or commercial property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of wooden windows?

Wooden window frames are often purchased for their classic look. Even though they’re sometimes more expensive than other types of window frames, wooden windows offer a one-of-a-kind look that lasts. Wooden windows are durable, resistant to warping, and are highly energy efficient, especially when paired with triple pane or double pane windows.

Can I customize the design of wooden windows?

Yes. Wooden windows offer lots of opportunity for customization. You’ll be able to choose styles that match the architectural design of your home. Wooden windows come in most sizes and can serve as the material for most types of windows. Wood window frames can also be painted to your liking, to match an interior or exterior theme.

What types of wood are used for windows?

Depending on where you shop for wooden replacement windows, you’ll find all kinds of wood for your windows. Some of the most popular types of wood include oak, maple, cherry, pine, fir, and mahogany. Each type of wood offers different benefits, so make sure to consider the wood’s relative strength, durability, and price.

How Long do Wooden Windows Last?

Modern wooden windows are designed with durability in mind, typically lasting 20 years or more. Higher quality wood, like from ProVia, can resist decay and stand up to harsh weather conditions. To ensure the longevity of your windows, try to keep up with regular window maintenance by painting or staining the windows when necessary.