Siding in Grand Island

J-Tech Construction has been known as the best choice for siding in Grand Island, NE for years. Our siding contractors in Grand Island can rework the look of your home with your choice of metal or vinyl siding.

Metal Siding in Grand Island

Metal siding will give your Grand Island home an added level of protection and long term savings. Seamless metal siding is custom fit to your home and won’t have any joints or seams in the panels. Metal siding is also much more resistant to expansion and contraction than vinyl siding, which is susceptible to degradation over time. Plus since metal siding will last much longer than vinyl, you’ll also be saving money in the long run. For durable and energy efficient siding in Grand Island, install seamless steel siding with J-Tech today.


With over 40 colors to choose from, vinyl siding is often chosen for its variety, affordability, and durability. Vinyl siding can be installed by virtually anyone, never needs to be painted, and is virtually maintenance free. Choose J-Tech construction for your vinyl siding in Grand Island, NE.

For siding installation or siding repair in Grand Island, NE, contact J-Tech Construction & Solar. Our Grand Island siding contractors will transform your home with vinyl siding or metal siding at a great price. Contact J-Tech today for a free estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much siding do I need?

The amount of siding needed to cover your home will depend on the square footage of the walls to be covered. However, it’s not a one-to-one ratio. You’ll need more siding than square footage of your walls to account for the necessary overlap between panels. Our team of siding contractors in Grand Island, NE can help you find out exactly how much vinyl or metal siding you’ll need when you request an estimate.

How do you remove vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding can be removed and even saved for re-use if removed properly. Since siding is usually installed from bottom to top, you’ll need to start removing panels from top to bottom. After the panels are taken off, you’ll also need to take off the perimeter pieces like trim and channels.

How do you repair holes in vinyl siding?

If there are any major holes or cracks, you can use a piece of leftover siding to apply a patch. Make sure the area is clean, then cut out a piece of siding that will best fit the hole. Apply caulk to the replacement piece and fit it into the hole before letting it dry. If the damage to a panel is too immense, you can contact J-Tech for Grand Island siding repair.