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Burglar Proofing Your Windows

Burglar Proofing Your Windows

J-Tech strives to make homes both beautiful and safe for the families we work for, and part of that means equipping those families with the knowledge they need to stay protected. The best defense against a potential robbery is having a home which deters burglars from choosing it as a target. This week, we’re running down some of the easiest ways to burglar-proof your windows and keep your family safe and sound!


Number one on our list may be the most obvious way to burglar-proof your home, but it’s also extremely effective. Window locks are an inexpensive way to make sure you’ve got the extra protection your family needs. The key is for all first-floor windows to be equipped with window locks which can be seen from the outside. Placing your locks so that they can be easily seen by a would-be burglar means that the lock is simultaneously providing protection and acting as a deterrent. Burglars look for an easy job, so seeing that the entire ground floor is equipped with window locks will likely shoo them away before even attempting a break-in. Some types of window locks even allow you to partially open windows for ventilation while maintaining security. This means that even when your windows are open, they’ll still remain burglar-proof. As an added bonus, properly installed window locks can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. By creating a tighter seal when the windows are closed, you can reduce drafts and heat loss during the colder months. You can buy inexpensive window locks in bulk packs both online and at most hardware stores.


Nothing makes climbing through your windows more unappealing than planting rose bushes directly underneath them. Seriously, take a moment to think about how much work would go into avoiding injury if a person wanted to enter your home through a window but they first had to encounter a huge, thorny plant. On top of that, intruders attempting to pass through your thorny plants may create noise, alerting you or your neighbors to their presence. This can further burglar-proof your house by providing an audible warning. As is always the case in home protection, deterring a would-be burglar is the objective. Do anything you can to make his or her job harder, including planting thorny, pain-inducing plants around any windows that could be used as an entry point to your home.


One of the easiest and cheapest ways to create a more burglar-proof house is to utilize the items you already own. Place small items on your window sills which will create a lot of noise if moved or broken. Pictures where the glass will shatter if they fall, bells that will clang, or even bubble wrap along the window sill can alert you during the night to the presence of an intruder. In a case where you and your family are out for the evening, the clatter of these items could still be enough to rattle an intruder and make them choose another target.


If you’re willing to invest a bit more in security, many home defense systems hook up to your windows as well as doors and the garage to ensure all entry points are covered. In fact, when you’re only hooking your doors up to a security system you’re robbing yourself of extra protection (no pun intended) since burglars often prefer to enter homes through the windows than through the doors. That’s because doors are designed to prevent break-ins whereas windows are typically less protected.

If you can’t invest in a home security system or you’re a renter who doesn’t want to install a system in a non-permanent residence, try motion lights! Burglars, by the nature of their chosen trade, hate light. If the threat of being seen is high enough they will choose another target, and bright motion lights provide a surefire way for anyone nearby to get a solid description of a burglar.


Replacing the glass in your ground-floor windows with a tinted or reflective option is another great way to create burglar-resistant windows. Most burglars will want to peek into a home before actually breaking in to ensure there’s enough easily accessible, high-priced items to make the job worthwhile. By switching to reflective glass or tinted windows in your home, you’re hindering their ability to discover whether or not your home is a viable target, making them more likely to choose a different home to loot.

If you can’t afford to replace the glass in your windows, there’s a DIY option to make life a little easier. Measure the glass on each of the windows on your ground floor. Then, head to your local fabric store and ask for white lace in those measurements. Make sure the lace has a design with few large holes to provide ample coverage. Use mod podge to adhere the lace to the windows and your burglar proofing is complete. Light can still filter through the fabric, but criminals will find themselves unable to see much through the lace. The best part is that the fabric is totally removable with a simple bucket of hot, soapy water to wash off the mod podge!

For more tips on keeping your home safe and beautiful with burglar-resistant windows, keep up with the J-Tech construction blog; we add new content every week! For assistance in creating the exterior aesthetic your home deserves, call J-Tech today. From siding and gutters to roof work and windows, we are Lincoln and Grand Island’s residential and commercial construction experts!


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