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Door Replacement Lincoln, NE

J-Tech Construction can assist you with door replacement and door installation in Lincoln, NE. As the Lincoln, Nebraska door experts for both residential and commercial buildings, our team will help you pick a door that suits your aesthetic, have it delivered, and get it installed right away. It usually takes our team less than a day for door replacement in Lincoln, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new door even faster. Install a brand new ProVia door in Lincoln, Nebraska today.

Signature Doors

Go beyond the standard patio door and consider the Provia Aeris™ Signature Select Door. The Provia Aeris™ is fully welded and constructed with a heavy-duty mainframe. This means that your new door will have superior strength and won’t need to be replaced for years. The roller system is non-corrosive and made from a technologically advanced composite material.

Add functionality and elegance to your home by adding a J-Tech custom patio door with its new industry-leading ergonomic design. J-Tech uses Provia doors for quality you can trust. All of our doors in Lincoln, Nebraska are beautiful and durable, lasting a lifetime.

Contact our team at J-Tech Construction to replace and install doors in Lincoln, Nebraska. Schedule a free consultation today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common front door sizes?

Front doors in Lincoln (and across the country) will vary in size from home to home, but the most common size in the United States is typically 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall (3 feet by 6 feet, 8 inches). This size provides sufficient clearance for most people and allows for the passage of furniture and larger items when moving in or out of a home. If you have a specially sized entryway, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you to design a custom door.

What is a pre-hung front door?

A pre-hung front door is a complete door unit that includes both the door and the door frame in a pre-assembled unit. Homeowners that are interested in pre-hung doors will need to remove the entire door and frame unit from their house before installing a replacement door. Pre-hung doors are manufactured to standard sizes and specifications and will generally speed up door installation in Lincoln, NE.

What are the benefits of ProVia doors?

The reason that we use ProVia doors in Lincoln is because of their outstanding quality and variety. ProVia doors come in all kinds of architectural styles with a multitude of colors, finishes, and glass accents. Furthermore, ProVia doors are fully constructed at a ProVia factory, ensuring a high quality product from delivery to doorstep. You can also get custom sized doors from ProVia, which allows us to accommodate even more residents in Lincoln.