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Solar Panels in Lincoln

J-Tech Solar is the proud leader of solar energy systems and residential solar panel installation in Lincoln, Nebraska. Solar energy in Lincoln is growing in popularity amongst residential and commercial buildings. Our solar panel installers in Lincoln can implement solar panels at your home or alongside your farming operation to offset costs. Find out how solar power installation in Lincoln can help sustain our future and save you thousands.


Our team for solar panel installation in Lincoln, NE will help you choose the correct model of solar panels before you make a purchase. Purchasing solar panels in Lincoln, NE is a great investment, as they’ll often increase the value of your home and pay for themselves, with payback periods unique to every homeowner based on their energy consumption. Reach out to J-Tech Solar so our experts can show you how solar panel installation will fit into your daily energy consumption without impacting your daily life. J-Tech’s Lincoln solar energy team will also help find any applicable tax credits and local utility incentives to help lower your payback period!

Solar for Your Home

Homeowners who install solar panels in Lincoln will discover an opportunity to incorporate other improvements with solar power in mind. A swimming pool or hot tub is a perfect example, as many Americans will agree that these amenities are great home additions. The National Resource Defense Council reports that pool owners across America typically pay in excess of $500 per year in energy costs associated with their pool. However, by installing solar panels in your Lincoln, NE home, you’ll be able to cover the extra energy usage, using one investment to fund the other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it generally take for solar panels to pay for themselves?

Depending on your home’s annual energy consumption and the size of your solar panel array, solar panels may become cost efficient at different points in their lifespan. While some consumers will use solar panels in Lincoln to lower their power bills, other people will be able to achieve full energy independence with enough panels, which will make savings more rapid. Our solar team will help estimate the returns you’ll see before installing solar panels in Lincoln. With lifespans of 25 years or more, your solar panels will continue to provide upside for years to come.

Do solar panels produce power when the sun isn’t shining?

Everyone knows that solar panels generate energy from the sun, but have you ever wondered what happens if the day is cloudy? Our solar panels in Lincoln will still generate energy during overcast weather but at a lower rate. Solar power is generated from the sun’s UV rays, which are only slightly obscured by the clouds. Still, your solar panels won’t draw any power at night.

How many solar panels do I need?

Our team of Lincoln solar power experts will help you determine the appropriate number of solar panels based on a few metrics. First off, we’ll need to consider the size of your roof. Simply put, unless you’re willing to create a small solar farm in your yard, we’ll need to take your roof’s square footage into account. Furthermore, we’ll also discuss your energy needs and how much wattage you can benefit from. J-Tech won’t add any solar panels that you won’t benefit from.