Window Buyer’s guide

Window Buyer’s Guide

There’s more than meets the eye when shopping for new windows to install. Seeing as how there are countless window types, it’s important to figure out the best windows to buy for your home or business. Our team has compiled helpful tips and information into a Window Buyers Guide to reference as you start your window buying process.

Increased Insulating Power

Our Triple Pane windows have a U-Factor (a measure of insulation quality) up to 52% higher than that of dual pane windows. This improvement comes from a combination of the extra pane of glass, multiple cavities that contain insulating ‘blankets’ of Argon gas, and additional glass surfaces on which to apply our Low E coating technology. If you live in a climate that demands more heating or more cooling in your home, consider replacing your windows with Triple Pane insulating power to stop heat flow.

In cooler climates, triple-pane windows keep more of your warmth and energy IN. In warm climates, triple-pane windows keep more of the radiant heat and temperatures OUT. As Nebraskans, we know too well how our weather can go from one extreme to the other so it is comforting to know you will have a window that can hold up in any type of weather.

Enhanced Condensation Resistance

Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF) is a measurement used to highlight a window’s ability to prevent condensation from forming on the glass. Whenever condensation is present, the first thing to look at is the atmospheric conditions, or more simply put, if your home is encouraging condensation. This can come from high humidity levels or a lack of sufficient airflow in the home. These conditions are further magnified by windows that do not provide good insulation. The reason why insufficient windows promote condensation is that the surface of the glass gets cooler as heat escapes.

Highly insulated windows keep the temperature on the surface of the glass warmer and thus are more resistant to condensing the moisture-rich air in the atmosphere of your home. Our triple pane windows enhance the condensation resistance of normal clear glass windows by up to 49%, and can even outperform normal dual pane Low E windows by over 20%. There are many reasons to promote good condensation resistance. Excess moisture can lead to rotted window sills, and even mold and mildew promotion. Triple Pane windows offer the highest CRFs available.

Ready to Get Started?

Our team is standing by to schedule your free window replacement estimate! Once you read through our Window Buyers Guide, you can also learn more about the various types of windows J-Tech installs!