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Tesla accelerates solar energy development

solar tiles

Tesla accelerates solar energy development

solar tiles

Residential applications of solar panels are an effective way for homeowners to save on utility costs and limit their carbon footprint, but many are hesitant to install this technology because of the way it alters their home’s curb appeal. Tesla wants to change that.

Tesla’s mission

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The American-based company realizes that mission by designing electric cars that are sleek and stylish. Tesla Motors produces vehicles that make a statement about the future of the automotive industry. They’re powerful machines with an enviable style and, oh yeah, they’re completely electric. Tesla isn’t limiting its sustainable vision to fancy cars; CEO Elon Musk recently announced the company’s latest venture. The future of Tesla looks bright as they create innovative ways to harness clean energy from the sun.

Tesla merges into a new industry

Tesla and SolarCity have combined their efforts to make the world a more environmentally friendly place. Their revolutionary idea makes solar stylish by installing solar glass shingles that look like regular roof coverings. The Tesla solar tiles launched at the end of October with the new Powerwall battery, an advanced electricity storage option. These solar tiles are one of the leading building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) technologies.

Integrated solar construction 

Currently, the majority of solar installations are building-applied photovoltaics, meaning they are added to a building after its construction. These solar installations are an effective way to produce clean energy, but they can be unsightly. Solar panel visibility can alter a building’s aesthetic, which causes some people to reject this eco-friendly power source. The BIPV concept of solar application conceals the solar technology and incorporates it into the construction materials. This advantage of BIPV installations might be enough to convince more people to build with solar technology.

Complementary tile designs 

Tesla’s solar panel shingles have four different designs that all look like regular roof coverings. These durable shingles come in Tuscan Glass Tiles, Slate Glass Tiles, Textured Glass Tiles and Smooth Glass Tiles. These tiles are manufactured from tempered glass that’s strong and essentially unbreakable. Tesla’s solar roofs will actually be tougher than other conventional coverings, such as terra cotta or slate tiles. Each style is made to enhance curb appeal and provide power for your home.

Cost effective installation

Homeowners are concerned with their home’s aesthetic, but they’re also interested in cost effective home improvements. Although official pricing information hasn’t ben released, Musk announced that the overall cost of these solar panel shingles would be less than the price of a traditional roof installation and electrical utility payments. Solar roofing tiles have a 30-year life expectancy, and Tesla is pairing them with a battery source to store electricity in case of power outages. Tesla solar tiles could provide enough electricity to power your entire home with clean energy.

The Tesla difference

Other integrated solar technology applications have already hit the market, but none have been very successful. Common BIPV systems are solar cell membranes, solar facades and semi-transparent solar glazing for windows. Dow spent years developing solar roof shingles that looked like traditional coverings, but that initiative ended when the company went bankrupt. The success of Tesla’s solar tiles compared to alternative clean energy solutions remains to be seen, but the company has some advantages with design and technology advancements. Tesla also benefits from its widely respected reputation as a brand and the dedicated consumers who follow their products.

Tesla’s reputation as a quality car manufacturer has helped it gain momentum in clean energy production with solar roof tiles. This move demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to their mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. So far, Teslas been hitting green lights as they shift into the solar industry. This year will be a big test as they begin installing the Tesla solar tiles on residences and solidifying Tesla’s place as a leader in solar technology.


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