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Help your office go green in 2018

go green

Help your office go green in 2018

go green

Make your 2018 New Year’s Resolution to improve sustainability around your office. Whether you’re part of a management team or an entry-level employee, it’s easy to make sustainability a priority and go green in your office in 2018.

A bright idea for reducing office energy use

Last one out turn off the lights! Be sure to shut off all the lights before leaving the office each day. Before heading for home, spend a couple extra minutes turning off the electronic devices that don’t need to be on through the night. This means printers, copy machines, and computer monitors will be turned off, and therefore not drawing energy unnecessarily. Update your office with LED light bulbs. These lights are more energy efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Commute in eco-friendly ways or not at all

Cut down on the carbon emissions that come from your daily commute. This could mean finding an alternate means of transportation, like taking a city bus or riding your bike. Organize an office carpool for employees who may live close to each other. Working from home is another way to improve sustainability in your office, especially for those who have a long commute. See if you can work from home one day a week. This will save you some drive time and help prevent unnecessary pollution.

Limit paper use

Go paperless as often as you can. Instead of printing the meeting notes, try sending them in an email. Look for ways around your office to reduce the amount of paper you use each day. When you can’t avoid printing a document, use recycled paper products to minimize the negative consequences on the environment. Remember to print double-sided and use the eco-mode on your printer if that’s an option. Shrink your font size a little smaller to maximize the number of words you fit on each page.

solar power

When it comes to traditional mailing materials, make sure all of your addresses are up to date. This may seem trivial but you can avoid wasting postage and paper by double checking your list of mailers.

Get greener office supplies

In addition to recycled paper, looks or greener office supplies. There are pens that can be refilled, instead of thrown into a landfill somewhere. Cleaning supplies for your office should be made from natural ingredients that won’t damage the environment. Monitor the office supply closet. If someone is keeping track of office supplies and who takes what, it will hold employees accountable and they will be less likely to be wasteful.

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Bring your lunch

Encourage employees to bring cold lunches from home. Homemade meals are healthier for you and for the planet. When your coworkers make coffee runs, suggest that people use a reusable thermos. Most coffee shops offer a discount for customers who bring their own coffee mug. This tip can help you save money and cut back on waste. Instead of having plastic cups near the water cooler, make sure all employees have a water bottle.

When ordering lunch for staff meetings and event, prioritize restaurants that use locally sourced food. Eating local is better for your community and the planet because the food doesn’t have to travel far to reach your table.

Quick tips for a greener office

Light colors on the wall reflect more daylight. This means that you can capitalize on the sunshine and leave the overhead lights off for part of the day. Plants around the office keep the air clean and fresh, plus they add some nature to your office environment. Be sure to make recycling bins easily accessible throughout the office. Paper products, used ink and toner cartridges, and other everyday office supplies can all be recycled.

Solar panels for your office

Invest in solar panels for your office building. A solar panel system can save your office in long-term energy costs. Drawing energy from the sun will reduce the amount of electricity you need to power your office each day. Considering the number of computers, TV screens, printers and electronic devices in a typical office, the cost savings benefits of solar panels can be significant.


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