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What a Year!

how many solar panels would it take to power the rockefeller christmas tree?

What a Year!

how many solar panels would it take to power the rockefeller christmas tree?

Although the year 2020 might have had its ups and downs, but mostly downs, we still managed to make a difference in the world. This was all thanks to our clients who wanted to make an impact on not only their wallets but the environment too. We know solar panels might seem like an investment, but in reality, they pay for themselves.  Despite the difficulties of Covid-19, we still managed many successful installations. All while staying healthy and social distancing. J-Tech Solar is proud to say that we have successfully installed 400 panels through all of 2020!

“What impact could that number of panels make?” you might ask. Well, the math is not as confusing as one might think. With each panel getting an average of 4.79 good hours of sunlight, it can produce 1,437 watts a day. All 400 panels installed this year will produce a total of 206,928 kWh of clean energy this next coming year! There were predictions of an increase of solar in the United States for the year 2020 and we surely didn’t disappoint.

The next question that may arise is, “what do those numbers even mean?” Well since it’s the holiday season, let’s get jolly with it. With 206,928 kWh of clean energy produced from commercial and residential locations, we can do more than just light up your little Christmas tree this year. In fact, we can light up 1,898 Christmas trees for the entire month of December. Talk about a light show! Now you can go a little crazier on Christmas shopping without the stress of your December electric bill.

Still not convinced about how energy-saving Solar is? Well then, let’s talk about the famous New Years’ tradition: “The Ball Drop.” It takes 50,000 watts of electricity for this one event in New York City every year. The amount of clean energy we have added in Nebraska this year can help drop that ball drop 4,138 times from just pure, solar energy. We might get a little tired of counting down from ten that many times! 

Imagine how much energy our past solar panel installations have generated over the years and how much more is to come. Solar is the best way to make clean energy for your family and will give a return on investment in 7-10 years from saved energy costs. To help produce less smog in the sky so Santa can ride his sleigh, contact J-Tech Solar about why you have what it takes to make a difference. Let’s see what 2021 will bring!


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