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DIY Solar Powered Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath

DIY Solar Powered Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath

Everyone is putting the finishing touches on their homes for when Santa comes to town, and the team at J-Tech Solar is no different. We’ve talked about solar Christmas lights for your home and solar powered stocking stuffers to give to the family, so this week we’re walking our readers through a holiday craft that’s sure to brighten up your home: a solar powered wreath for your front door. While beautiful, plugging in outdoor wreaths can be a pain and the cords are unsightly; unfortunately, wreaths without lights are hard for guests to see as they walk up to your door. Solar wreaths are the perfect option for festive home decorators who are looking for a no-hassle holiday accessory to throw on the door for years to come. So, without further ado, here’s how to make your own solar wreath!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You’re going to need some things before you start your project. You will need: a wreath and ornaments/decorations from a local craft store, hot glue gun, a string of solar Christmas lights, a nail, and a hammer.

solar power wreaths

Step 2: Place your Panel

Solar Christmas lights will have a small solar panel on one end instead of male and female electrical plugs. You’ll want to place the panel in one of two places: either at the top of the wreath (near where it will hang) facing forward, or nestled in the bottom of the inside of the wreath facing forward. Make sure that while the panel is somewhat hidden, enough is uncovered to charge it properly during the day. Once you’ve found the best placement possible without the panel being distracting, attach it firmly to the wreath. Wind the string of lights around and through the wreath until you are satisfied with its placement.

Step 3: Set your Design

Now it’s time to grab all of your other ornaments and decorations. Pinecones, ribbon, or a wooden letter to represent your family name can all make for wonderful accents. You can also repurpose old ornaments that you dislike or cheap ones from a thrift store with a quick coat of paint or by covering them in festive fabric! Take as many or few of the wreath accents as you’d like and lay them out in a design you love.

solar power wreaths

Step 4: Make it Festive!

Once you’ve found the perfect design, attach all the decorations to the wreath with the hot glue gun. Remember that you can always add more to your wreath, but removing unwanted items once they are attached can be tricky, so make sure you take the time to really iron out your design before breaking out the hot glue.

Step 5: Dress (your Door) to Impress

Once all the glue has dried and your decorations are firmly in place, hammer a small nail in the middle of your front door to hang your wreath. You’ll be able to flip the lights on and leave your wreath to rest for the season knowing it’ll light your doorway beautifully for the holidays!

What other solar powered projects have you committed to this year? Have any coming up in 2018? Let us know by leaving a message below!


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