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How Solar Power Helps Prevent Climate Change

solar power

How Solar Power Helps Prevent Climate Change

solar power

To understand the ways in which solar power helps prevent climate change, we must understand a little more about solar energy and its importance. The simplest definition of solar energy is; the name given to any light energy taking from the sun, and succeeding conversion of energy obtained in some form. For example, warming water, mechanical or electrical energy. In its movement around the Sun, the Earth receives 1410 W / m² (watt per square meter) of energy. This energy is only 19% absorbed by the atmosphere and 35% is reflected by clouds.

There is a growing concern in seeking alternative and sustainable energy sources. Passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, most of the solar energy is in the form of visible light and ultraviolet light. To understand more about these alternative energy sources such as solar energy, we need to know how solar power is going to help prevent climate change.

Today, energy consumption is growing at a substantial rate. The use of the sun for energy production is a reality that is increasingly present in our lives. The apparent high cost to manufacture and install prevents a lot of people from using solar energy. Still, recent years have shown a reasonable amount of growth – in the last decade, its production increased by approximately 38%. Incentive programs in countries like Germany, Japan, and Spain enhance the creation of power from renewable sources, and decrease the discharge of gasses producing the greenhouse effect.

How Solar Power Helps

The rise in global temperatures resulting from greenhouse gas emissions causes variations in our climate conducting environmental, economic and social losses. “The environment system is definite, as is now apparent in the conclusions of increases in the global average warmth of air and sea, extensive melting of ice and snow and rising global natural sea level,” according to the scientists in The Fourth IPCC Assessment Report.

Among the results of global warming presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the rise in frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events. That can include torrential rains, hurricanes, dryness, dissolution of polar ice caps and raising sea levels.

solar power

Research indicates that the demand for energy in the world is expected to triple by the year 2050. The current energy source, which mostly consists of oil and coal, is already at its limit and needs to be replaced immediately.

So, what are the benefits that solar energy provides us?

  • It is inexhaustible energy.
  • It is clean energy.
  • Solar energy does not pollute during use. The pollution from the manufacturing of equipment for the construction of solar panels is also fully controllable.
  • The plants require minimal maintenance.
  • Solar panels are becoming more powerful today while its cost is decreasing. It makes it an even more economically viable option.
  • Solar is free Energy.


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