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Why Solar Power is Better Than Traditional Power

solar power

Why Solar Power is Better Than Traditional Power

solar power

Solar Power is a growing technology, but dates back more than 175 years. In 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electricity when exposed to sunlight.

Almost 40 percent of all energy used in America is to generate electricity. The process used to produce power, from traditional non-renewable methods to sources like solar, there are certain factors to think about.

Traditional Energy

In the United States, most electricity is produced by coal-powered steam turbines. The US has ample amounts of coal reserves, one of the reasons why this method is so common. Other resources used by power plants include natural gas and petroleum. Burning these produces combustion gases. The gases pass through a turbine, generating electricity by spinning its blades. In hydroelectric plants, water is used instead of combustion gases.

Environmental concern

Burning coal and other fuels promotes not only climate change, but pollution as well. Also, there is a limited supply of these resources. That means when they’re burned they can’t be replaced. Natural rainfall is an example of a renewable energy source. But, hydroelectric plants are only located in areas where there is a sufficient amount of water. The same is true regarding wind turbines, they are only located in windy areas.

An alternative

Electricity is produced in solar power plants by condensing solar energy. It’s used to heat fluids that make steam to power generators. The steam is clean and doesn’t pollute the air. Just like coal plants, electricity is produced through turbines in these generators. Solar energy attributes to less than one percent of all electricity that is generated. This percentage is so small because solar plants can’t be placed in certain locations. For instance, if the amount of sunlight in an area is inconsistent.

Pollution Free

Solar power Doesn’t pollute the environment. It  is clean, reliable, and it does not produce harmful gasses. Traditional power production causes damage to the environment, which is eliminated when using solar power.

Low Cost of Maintenance

Purchasing just one solar panel may seem a bit expensive. However, there are practically no maintenance costs long term. Solar panels are very low maintenance and run effectively for a long time. The initial cost spent can be written off in about 10–15 years. In addition, more panels can be added later if needed.

Ease of Installation

Solar Panels can be easily installed on a rooftop or on flat ground. An engineer conducts a roof test to determine if solar panels can be installed. An added advantage here is that a suitable roof might also qualify for tax credits and rebates.

Reduction in Electricity Bills

Residential utility companies generate and distribute electricity. Traditional power relies on oil, coal, or natural gas. Being dependent on raw material means they are subject to the rise and fall of volatile markets. Installing solar panels will save you from paying high utility bills. The best part is—when solar panels produce more electricity than required by your house, you can make money.

The future is bright

Although solar powered electricity is a pretty small percentage, it’s gaining momentum. In countries and regions with a lot of sun, such as Italy, Spain and Australia, electricity through solar plants is cheaper than traditional electricity. However, solar energy is more expensive in the US than different forms of renewable energy and traditional energy. As solar panels become more efficient, solar energy will become easier to attain as a result.


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