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Solar Canopies Keep You Covered

Solar Canopies Keep You Covered

Carports and patio covers with solar panels are better for your budget and better for the environment. These overhead canopies are an ideal surface to install solar panels because they’re similar to ground mount systems. The difference is that solar panels installed on top of patios and carports don’t require extra space. These systems are simply additions to already existing structures.

No complications

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your space efficiency with solar panels on top of canopy structures. Compared to rooftop solar installations, canopy solar panels have several advantages. Roof installations can be complicated by chimneys, satellite dishes and the slope of the roof. These systems don’t affect your home’s appearance and there are no space limitations.

Solar canopy size and savings

The solar setup can be adapted to fit massive commercial spaces or quaint outdoor patios. Currently, solar carports are more popular in business applications than with residential homeowners. In addition to the size of a solar canopy, the angle of the panels is adjusted to maximize efficiency. Investing in a solar canopy for your home or business can drastically reduce your electricity bills. You’ll be protected from volatile electricity costs and benefit from a more stable power bill.

Solar carports

Solar carports keep your cars cooler. When it’s hot outside, your car will get even hotter inside. This means it takes a lot more energy, and gas, to cool inside your car to a comfortable temperature. Shade from carports reduces exposure to the summer sun and keeps the inside of your car cooler. All of those UV rays will be soaked up by the solar panels and turned into energy for homes and businesses.

When solar canopies are installed over parking lots, they reduce maintenance costs all year long. These structures help keep snow and ice off of the space below. This means you won’t have to clear the parking lot and your customers won’t slip walking to the door. Solar carports are a visible sign of your companies commitment to sustainability, which resonates with consumers.

Solar patio covers

Instead of the hot sun beating down on you, you’ll enjoy the comfort of a shaded area. Solar panels are easily incorporated into patio designs as a subtle but sustainable energy source. Advances in solar technology have made it possible for panels to look sleek and unobtrusive to match the aesthetic of your outdoor space. The location is an important consideration before you install a solar patio cover. You want the patio to be easily accessible by your family, but it also has to capture plenty of sunlight.


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