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Port-a-potty stickers and J-Tech Solar

solar advertisements

Port-a-potty stickers and J-Tech Solar

solar advertisements

J-Tech Solar leads the solar panel industry in eastern Nebraska. Renewable resources and clean energy are getting more attention as the industry develops and these technologies prove their worth. People connect with J-Tech Solar through conventional methods, such as their online and social media presence. But they’ve also gotten attention for their other forms of advertising.

Unconventional ad placement

Port-a-potties aren’t a typical form of advertising, but it’s an effective platform for J-Tech Solar. J-Tech Solar stickers cover the inside of Abbott Portable Toilets across the Lincoln, Nebraska area. This unconventional ad placement started because the port-a-potty company owner has a connection to J-Tech Solar. The two friends exchanged labor for free advertisement, so now all the Abbott Portable Toilets have a J-Tech sticker placed inside. It’s unexpected ad placement, but consumers are taking notice of the J-Tech logo.

J-Tech Solar brand awareness

The port-a-potty stickers are getting attention because of their unusual location, but another form of J-Tech advertising is notable for its size. A large J-Tech Solar banner hangs near their construction sites for the duration of the work. Whether the project is big or small, installing solar panels takes time. The banner is an opportunity for people to recognize the J-Tech Solar logo and see their work around town.

With these advertisements and increased discussion around clean energy and environmentally friendly resources, solar panels have been receiving a lot of press. This media attention has helped spark conversations about solar energy and spread word of mouth awareness for J-Tech Solar and other solar businesses.

Solar advertisements focus on education

Advertisements for solar panels focus on educating the general public about the benefits, the cost and the technology behind solar power. Since it continues to be a developing market, solar companies want people to understand the value of their product first. Then they want them to recognize why their specific solar company is superior. Lamar Advertising announced its use of solar power by placing several panels on top of a billboard that read “This isn’t a billboard. It’s a power plant.” This ad was effective because it helps consumers understand how solar technology can be applied.

Advertisements for solar panels and the companies that install them come in many different forms. Solar technology is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. You never know where you’ll come across a sticker or a banner that promotes this renewable energy resource.


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