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Six Men Jailed in Solar Scam

an overhead of a building with solar panels on top

Six Men Jailed in Solar Scam

an overhead of a building with solar panels on top

Six Men Jailed in Solar Scam

J-Tech Solar is the local expert keeping Lincoln, Grand Island, and the surrounding areas updated on all important news in the green energy community. Last week we began hearing details out of the UK about one of the biggest solar scams ever reported. Over £17M was stolen from the elderly and other vulnerable people. Who are these men, and how’d they pull off such a large-scale crime? Read the details in this week’s blog!

european homes with solar panels, possible victims of a solar scam

What happened?

Six men were charged and sentenced in the UK recently for their deceitful actions in stealing nearly £17M from over 1,500 people, the BBC reports. They used the front of a solar company which they named Solar Energy Savings Ltd. to manipulate customers into investing large sums of money. They told a number of outright lies to gain the trust of many elderly, retired, and other vulnerable people, ensuring them that the money they put forward in installation costs would be invested and that they would see it returned over the course of five years. However, no monies were invested by the company. The men instead spent those funds on lavish cars, trips, and other expensive items.

What happened to the perpetrators?

All six men involved in the scheme received a sentence. Two brothers who led the operation, David Diaz and Ludovic Black, received sentences of six and a half and seven and a half years including extra time for evading the police while out on bail. The other four men, Robert Ross, Steven Wilson, Kenneth Reid, and Niall Hastie, got sentences of either three and a half or four and a half years for their participation in the crime. The Glasgow Evening Times reported one of the chief investigators, Scott Crighton, as stating, “”The tactics used by these scam artists were particularly malicious and they shamefully targeted thousands of vulnerable people to secure a vast sum of money to fund their extravagant lifestyles.” Each of the six men was also banned from participating in business in any director role for anywhere from six to ten years.

a house with a solar roof

How do I know a solar provider is trustworthy?

If you’re interested in installing solar power for your home or business, it’s important to utilize a reputable professional for your installation services. They will estimate the cost of the system you envision based on initial hookup fees, the number of panels you’re installing, and where you’re installing them among other factors. Ask questions, ask how your money is being spent, and, most importantly, never move forward on a project if the professional with whom you’re speaking is not being upfront, cooperative, and transparent about your solar investment.

Call J-Tech Solar today to talk about how installing a solar panel system can help you cut costs for your future. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you get started on your journey!


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