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Considering Solar Panels? Here’s what Not to Do

solar panels on roof of house in fall

Considering Solar Panels? Here’s what Not to Do

solar panels on roof of house in fall

As more homeowners begin to utilize solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy, solar professionals are becoming aware of common mistakes people made during this process. This week, we’re here to guide you through the four most common mistakes homeowners make when installing solar panels in their homes.

First Mistake: Not considering financing options

Solar panels are an investment and often come with large upfront price tags. However, depending on your location and the company you choose to partner with, there are plenty of incentives and rebates offered to you. Make sure to consider your financial budgeting options prior to making any commitments, as you might be able to cut your price tag in at least half. If you’re not eligible for rebates or financing options, consider getting multiple quotes from your local solar power experts. By getting quotes from different companies, you are able to ensure that the deals you’re getting are the very best.

house with a plus green lawn with solar panels on roof

Second Mistake: Not doing your research on companies or products

Opting for solar energy is very exciting, and a common mistake is for homeowners to rush into decisions before researching the reputation of companies or products. While there is no need to wait to install solar energy, there is also no rush. Take your time and research the local solar power companies available to you. Read both customer and professional reviews, review their previous projects, and even meet with project managers to discuss how they would handle your specific case. Additionally, research products and the best ways to utilize the equipment you choose. For example, there are plenty of ways to mount and install solar panels, so make sure you research your options prior to beginning any projects.

Third Mistake: Not asking questions and staying involved

In addition to conducting initial research on companies and products, it is crucial to stay up to date with your project through all of the stages. We like MUO’s list of questions to ask before, during, and after solar power installation projects.

Proper preliminary questions sound like this: What is the age of your house, and can it support solar panels? How much energy do you need to generate, and does your house receive enough sunlight to produce this amount? Will your energy meter need an upgrade, and how do you go about obtaining building permits?

During the project, ask questions like this: Will you need to update your roof prior to installing solar panels, or is the material of your roof adequate for this project? After proper inspection, will your solar panels be able to be installed on the roof or will they need to be pole or ground mount? Consider verifying your warranty and that the panels were checked prior to installation.

After the project, stay in touch with your solar energy provider and ask questions like this: Are your solar panels performing as expected? Did anything unexpected happen during installation that is waiting for remedy, and what is the timeline for that process? Are you able to review your experience in order to help other people who are interested in having the same system installed? What should maintenance on my system look like moving forward?

solar panel expert installing solar panels on house roof

Fourth Mistake: Playing Dr. Frankenstein with solar equipment

Many homeowners consider finding the cheapest parts from various providers, then hiring an external company to install the panels (or performing a DIY type project.) They believe that by putting various brands and devices together, they can save the most money and still maintain a properly functioning system. The issue with this tactic is the risk of complications is just as possible as the mix-and-match properly functioning. With solar panels, you get what you pay for. If multiple lower-end solar panels are put together, they will not function as effectively as fewer high-quality panels. According to, at best, the savings from this tactic will be marginal, but the system won’t be as robust, will require more maintenance over time, and will likely become ineffective.

There are many different ways to install solar panels and, as the homeowner, you are in control of the process. Stay involved, ask questions, and consider solar power an investment. Call J-Tech today if you have questions about a solar installation project, and we’ll help guide you through what you need to know.


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