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Will You Eat Your Next Glass of Water?

a pile of water pods

Will You Eat Your Next Glass of Water?

a pile of water pods

Many people have made a decision to reduce the amount of plastic they’re using to help the environment. Most households are making small adjustments to help keep our ecosystem healthy, while other people are opting for more extreme zero-waste lifestyles. Regardless of the way you choose to help the planet, new edible water bottles might be the next change you add to your eco-friendly regime. This week we’re shining a light on edible water pods and how they might be replacing plastic water bottles in the near future.

a male hand holding a water pod between his fingers in the sky

What do these pods look like?

Designed by a company called Skipping Rocks Lab, these edible water pods, known as the Ooho, look like small globby water spheres, about the size of a mandarin orange. They’re completely clear, and form to the shape in which they’re held. The exterior is made of plants and seaweed, meaning not only is the pod completely edible (and explodes when punctured), but it biodegrades in 4-6 weeks, similar to a piece of fruit. Some people opt to puncture the pod and squeeze the water into their mouth, while others eat the entire pod whole. The shelf life only lasts a few days, and while that means that you won’t be able to stock pile these tiny pods, you’re guaranteed fresh water every time without using plastic.

Customizable pods for endless possibilities

For people who don’t enjoy the taste of water, the pods can be injected with all natural flavors. Consumers can pick and choose which flavors they prefer, as well as any fun colors they’d like to add. Not only can the water be flavored and colored, but Skipping Rocks Lab is exploring the option of injecting the organic pods with other liquids as well. For example, these pods could replace shampoo and conditioner bottles. One time use pods for shampoos and conditioners could be especially useful for large hotel chains, for example, who use thousands of tiny bottles per year. The company can explore detergents and soaps, offering smaller sizes for dishwashers, clothing washers, and hand soaps. The possibilities are infinite for this eco-friendly invention.

man drinking water pod

So, what are the drawbacks?

There are plenty of negative impacts of plastic water bottles, including their harmful chemicals, non-biodegradable design, and mass production and waste. By removing the packaging, there’s no denying that environmentalists everyone are jumping with joy for these pods. In addition, the pods are cheaper than plastic alternatives, allowing the company to keep their product in a modest price range. However, like any new product, the Ooho has some critics. According to BGR, “these tiny edible water bottles are almost completely pointless.”

Most people don’t have a need for single gulp water bottles. Typically, we pack water bottles with us to be used and filled throughout the day. In order to consume enough water, users would need to pack a plethora of pods to sustain their daily needs.

Additionally, the plant/seaweed membrane is extremely delicate. The gentle exterior allows consumers to easily pop the membrane and consume the water. This means that in order to stock up on the pods, they would need to be kept in an undisturbed package. Essentially, in order to make these pods package-less, they need a package to keep them safe. However, a tupperware or small reusable container is a great option for storage that would still use less plastic than buying multiple water bottles.

Will you eat your next glass of water?

We’d love your feedback on these pods and whether or not you think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Do you think your next bottle of water will come in the shape of an Ooho pod? If you’re not quite ready to stock up on these pods, but want to make another environmental impact that saves you money in the long run, we have the solution for you. Contact us here at J-Tech today for your free estimate on implementing solar energy in your home!


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