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You Love the Sun: Now What?

You Love the Sun: Now What?

In the next few weeks we look forward to warmer temperatures, opening up a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. However, despite your love for the sun, the sun isn’t always as nice to us. It’s crucial during the warmer (and even colder) months to protect our skin against the harmful rays to combat early aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects we experience when overexposed to the sun. This spring, remember to enjoy the sun safely with the following sun safety tips:

Step one: Know Your Skin

The most important part of protecting your skin from the sun, is understanding that not all of your skin is the same. For example, the skin on your face is more reactive, thin, and sensitive to the sun. It’s also the only skin that sees nearly no coverage when in the sun. Facial sunscreens are lighter texture than body sunscreens, non-greasy, non-perfumed, and many are formulated for many different skin types. Since you’ll be using sunscreen every day all day (hint, hint) it’s crucial that you care for any skin that will be uncovered. Be strategic with the sunscreen you purchase, and stay aware with how the different parts of your body reacts to different sunscreen formulas.

young shirtless boy wearing sunglasses holding spray sunscreen practicing sun safety

Step two: Don’t spray

According to Allure, even though spray sunscreen is just as effective as lotion, many people don’t know how to properly use the spray sunscreens. If you do opt for spray sunscreens (as many parents prefer this hassle free option over messy lotions), make sure you still rub in the formula and double check the sunscreen has been coated evenly over the body. Don’t be afraid to spray a thick layer from chest to toe (using a different formula for the face and neck), understanding that it’s not just a fragrant spray but a protective spray against the harmful sun rays. Always make sure the skin is completely dry before using any kind of sunscreen to ensure it rubs in properly.

Step three: Don’t be deceived

Many people get deceived when cloudy weather hits. Clouds in the sky do not mean that sunburns are impossible. In fact, if the clouds are white and fluffy, 89% of sun rays still reach the surface of our skin. Many dermatologists recommend setting a less extreme everyday sunscreen routine so that despite how the weather acts, you’re protected under any circumstances. If it’s very cloudy and you don’t want to lather on the sunscreen, opting for protective clothing can be a good alternative. Make sure you cover a majority of your body, and even though it may seem unnecessary, consider throwing on an oversized hat or baseball cap to protect your face if you choose not to put sunscreen on it.

asian woman with camping bag on a hike applying sunscreen to her face

Step four: Make Changes

When practicing effective skin care, it’s important to consider your surroundings and tailor your routine to each day. Spending six hours on a beach will require a different sunscreen routine than a day in the office on a cool September day. When straying from your everyday sunscreen system, make sure to consult your dermatologist for the best ways to stay safe from the sun.

Despite the scary effects the sun can have on our skin, we have also learned to harness the rays for energy in order to better help our ecosystem. If you have questions on how you might be able to positively harness solar power in your home, call J-Tech today to address any of your solar power needs.


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