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A Wristband to Prevent Sunburn

A Wristband to Prevent Sunburn

Skin cancer affects many lives, with over one in five Americans developing skin cancer by the age of 70 years old. Brian Matthys, a Kansas City dermatologist, finally said “enough is enough” after spending 20 years in his practice treating patients with skin cancer. With the sun being the leading cause of skin cancer in Americans, Matthys wanted to develop a method of warning people when they’re being exposed to a dangerous amount of UV rays. Determination mixed with the technical understanding of his craft, the KC dermatologist created the idea for the Eclipse Rx wristband to alert wearers when they begin to develop a sunburn.

Woman on beach in sunglasses

Accessorize to desensitize

With awareness spreading about the dangers of skin cancer, people are becoming more cautious with how they protect themselves. Sunscreen is becoming a normal part of daily routines, and indoor/outdoor tanning is becoming a shunned practice. Despite the effort, most of the time people are not able to know they are getting burned by the sun until after it’s too late. With the wristband, wearers will be able to get notified on a scale from 1-6 how close they are to a severe sunburn.

Sunburn technology

Matthys wristband will be different from others on the market because his is the first to be solar powered (hello, convenience). Also, the Eclipse Rx wristband will be able to sync with the Apple Health app, creating a new level of data storage not previously seen with similar products on the market. Matthys is partnering with three different companies to keep improving and updating the quality of his wristband. According to the Kansas City Star, Ingenious Design in Overland Park is designing the wristband, Crema in Kansas city developed the smartphone app to store data, and Cargt Consulting in Lenexa built a prototype of the wristband.

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Long-term benefits

When the wearer is alerted to their level of exposure (1 through 6), the information is stored in the wristband, which can be easily accessed at any point in time. This enables dermatologists to see in-depth information on their patient, and will, in turn, benefit the wearer longer term by receiving better care. The information stored in the app through the wristband is all relevant information that Matthys himself has found crucial to providing proper care for users.

Where can I buy this wristband?

Matthys wants to wait to release his product until the wristband meets his standards for perfection. The patent application is still pending, and there is no estimated release date. There are a few other devices on the market, but none with the advancements or convenience the Eclipse Rx will offer. After 20 years in his practice seeing the devastating effects of the sun, Matthys wants his product to be exactly what the market has been waiting for.

J-Tech Solar loves the sun for the energy it provides to us, and have perfected the craft of harnessing the rays for power. However, we also understand the dangers overexposure can cause to our skin. While you wait for Matthys to release his tech-savvy solar powered UV ray detecting wristband, make sure to keep yourself safe from the harsh sun-rays you’re exposed to every day. Cover your skin, wear sunscreen, and make sure you’re first in line when the Eclipse Rx wristband is released.


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