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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Getting energy-efficient replacement windows for a new or existing home is a great way to save both money and energy. With so many types of energy-efficient windows available, things can get a little confusing. This guide helps answer some of the basic questions about window energy efficiency to help you get started on your journey to energy savings!

What Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Also known as energy saving windows, energy-efficient windows are usually double or triple pane windows that have increased insulation compared to traditional or single pane windows. The best energy-saving windows will help heat your home during colder temperatures, and prevent cooled air from escaping during hotter seasons. 

This efficiency reduces the amount of energy used to cool or heat your home, helping lower your energy bill. There are various types of energy-efficient windows that offer different functionalities, aesthetics and durability, each with their own advantages.

What Are The Most Energy-Efficient Windows?

There are several types of energy-efficient windows available with qualities that appeal to both the aesthetic appeal of your home and energy savings. Though they have reduced functionality, Fixed or Picture windows are among the best energy-efficient windows. Since they never open or move, there is a decreased chance that fixed or picture windows can leak, helping keep your home well insulated and energy bills down in the long run. 

Double pane and triple pane windows are some of the most commonly available window types to help improve your energy savings, but there are also other windows technologies available. 

Energy Star, a government-backed trademark program which provides certification to buildings and consumer products which meet certain standards of energy efficiency, provides annual reports on energy efficient products. Their Most Efficient report for 2022, highlights the most efficient window designs available each year for each window styles category. Energy Star provides the best in class for various window styles including, vertical sliders, horizontal sliders, casement style, fixed & picture, and even patio doors. It also reports on all types of energy efficient products in case you’d like to learn more about other products to help you save money and energy.

How Much Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

There are many factors that can determine the cost of energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows prices will depend on the window type, frame, material, and brand of their windows being installed. It’s also worth factoring in the cost of labor as this isn’t a project you should attempt on your own. Professional installation of energy saving windows helps ensure the windows are installed correctly for maximum efficiency. 

With all these things factored in, the typical range in cost for energy-efficient windows installation can be anywhere from $300 to $2100, depending on your area or zip code. If you’d like to work with J-Tech to install energy-efficient windows, be sure to contact our team for a free consultation. Remember that this cost is just face value and there can be many government-backed programs and incentives to help you save on energy-efficient window installation.

Are Energy-Efficient Windows Tax Deductible?

Another good reason to replace the windows in your home with energy-efficient styles is the government rebates and credits available to help incentivize consumers to make the switch.

These energy-efficient home improvement tax credits and rebates can exist at the federal and state level and may differ depending on your state, location, and whether they apply to a commercial business or residence. As these energy-efficient tax credit incentives are often changing, it’s best to check to see if there are any energy-efficient window replacement programs in your area or any energy-efficient tax credits that apply to your home before starting your window project.

Are Double Pane Windows Energy-Efficient?

There can be many benefits to replacing your windows with double pane windows. The increased insulation provided by the most basic double-paned vinyl or wood-framed window can help reduce energy usage while maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home all year, compared to traditional single-pane windows. This not only helps the environment but also makes it easier on your energy bills in the long run.

In order for a double-pane to work properly and at maximum efficiency, you can’t just replace one or two windows, you have to replace all of them. This can increase your price point for energy efficient window replacement, but the savings, comfort, and benefits to the environment are well worth the cost.

How Much Can Energy-Efficient Windows Save?

The best thing about switching to energy-efficient windows is the savings. Not only will you reduce the amount of energy you use, putting less of a strain on the environment, you’ll also reduce the amount you pay in bills.

According to Energy Star, installing Energy Star rated windows and products help people save 12% on average, nationwide, when it comes to energy bills and carbon emissions. Replacing single-pane windows can save anywhere from $101 to $583 dollars annually on energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions by 1,006 to 6,205 pounds, depending on the model of window, local climate conditions, utility rates, and individual home characteristics. 

Not only do you save money and energy, you save effort when it comes to improving the comfort of your home. No more cold air leaking in through the windows in the winter or rooms turning into ovens in the summer. The insulation provided by energy-efficient windows works together with your air-conditioning system or heater to maintain temperatures year round with minimal effort and energy usage on your end.

Replacing or installing energy-efficient windows can be a project to take on with considerable labor and upfront cost. But really they should be considered an investment that helps you and the environment in the long run. There are many options and government incentives to help you make the switch as well, and why shouldn’t you? Plus, our team at J-Tech can help install some of the best energy-saving windows around, including several styles of double pane and triple pane windows. With energy-efficient windows, you can take comfort in knowing that your investment benefits you and the environment, all from inside your new well-insulated home.


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