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4 Construction Industry Trends in 2019

4 Construction Industry Trends in 2019

Sometimes it seems as though life moves faster than we expect it to, and the feeling isn’t just true of our growing children and smarter smartphones. The industries we work in every day—the construction industry included—are constantly evolving. It’s crucial that companies stay abreast of changes to keep at the cutting edge of the construction industry, so this week J-Tech is looking to the future. Specifically, we’ll look at what changes and improvements to the construction industry will begin or continue throughout 2019.

Jumping on the Tech Train
Now more than ever the construction industry as a whole is committed to finding new and innovative ways to integrate technology into more aspects of the job. From drones to wearable tech, construction companies are starting to see the improvements in safety and efficiency that can come with integrating technology into the workplace.

J-Tech even jumped on the tech train in 2018. We’re now leading Lincoln in the use of drone technology for roof-inspection projects. Drones help our workers spend less time on the roof which mitigates safety issues while simultaneously improving efficiency. Specialty drones for the construction industry can provide a 360-degree view of the roof which we then study to determine which areas need the most work and which parts may only require simple updates.

Go Green or Go Home
Sustainability and green technology have been at the forefront of a global conversation about the importance of protecting the environment for some time. The construction industry has taken notice, and green construction became a fast-growing sector of the industry in 2018. Because around 20% of global emissions can be attributed to the construction industry, finding sustainable methods of building is crucial. Materials such as self-heating asphalt and hempcrete are making waves and helping the construction industry decrease its carbon footprint. We expect to see even more environmentally friendly building options appear in 2019.

Prefabricated is Fab
Prefabricated construction—also known as modular construction—is the process by which builders construct parts of a building in one place then bring those parts to the location where it will be built before fitting them together into a completed project. This construction method has seen growing momentum throughout 2018 and shows no signs of stopping in the new year.

Globalization is partly responsible for the growth of prefabricated construction. Spain, for example, has seven of the world’s top 100 construction companies even though the country has recently undergone some economic difficulties and has a much smaller GDP than the U.S. So how is their construction industry remaining strong? One huge reason is that they’re utilizing global partners and joint ventures to subsidize their projects, thereby reducing their exposure to the economic challenges of their own country. Spanish construction companies are able to make this happen with prefabricated products which they can ship in multiple parts at a low cost all over the world.

Growing Costs and Labor Loss
Unfortunately, not every aspect of the construction industry is seeing sunshine and roses. The fact that the industry has seen growing material costs and a shrinking labor market has been no secret in recent years and it seems as though these trends will continue throughout 2019. Lack of qualified workers can be attributed to an aging workforce, an absence of new entrants, restrictions on free movement of labor or any combination of the three. The lack of new faces is also a major catalyst for increased use of technology in construction which further drives costs as construction companies begin purchasing expensive tech to use in the field.

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