No More Excuses: It’s Time To Go Zero-Waste

No More Excuses: It’s Time To Go Zero-Waste

Going completely zero-waste is a commitment that a lot of families simply aren’t dedicated to making in their daily lives. It can be scary to think about making such a commitment only to fail or find it too difficult. This week we’re showing you ways that you can begin the transition without going overboard with a complete life change. Zero-waste doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’re here to walk you through transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Zero Waste shampoo

Package free shampoo

It might not even cross your mind that your shampoo bottles are one of the easiest thing in your home to replace with a more sustainable option. These shampoo bars by Lush are blowing up everywhere, and offer a hip, efficient, and easy way to replace those plastic bottles. The vegan bars are a 2-1 deal, not only shampooing but also conditioning your hair and skin. The amount of washes you get all depends on the amount of product you use, and most users claim that the bars last up to one or two months. For anywhere from $10-13, people are excited to not only save money on hair care products, but save the planet, too.

Bamboo toothbrushes

While you’re in your bathroom using your shampoo bar, be sure to upgrade to a bamboo toothbrush too. For only $20 for a 4-pack of natural bamboo toothbrushes, there’s no excuse to not make the switch. The package along with every part of the toothbrush are biodegradable, and each brush lasts just as long as a plastic one. The only difference is that most bamboo toothbrushes can’t be bought at your local convenience store, meaning you’ll have to plan ahead. However, with them being shipped directly to your front door, this might be the easiest switch ever for you to make zero-waste adjustments to your daily life.

steel straws a waste free product

Stainless steel straw…or, no straw

The no straw movement has taken America by storm, and many companies and cities are jumping on board. Why are so many people getting behind this movement? It’s so easy that we’re not quite sure why we didn’t start this a decade… or five… ago. There are drawbacks to the movement, such as for people with disabilities who require straws to be able to drink who are now not being provided with straws. Luckily, there are plenty of biodegradable options. For individuals who require a stiffer more durable straw than paper ones, stainless steel straws are a great option. If you don’t need a straw to be able to consume your beverage, you can begin this change by asking your waitress to not bring you a straw with your water or soda. Stop buying straws at the grocery store. If you require a straw, consider investing in a stainless steel straw to keep handy so you’ll never find yourself opting for a plastic alternative.

Replacing your plastic grocery bag

While we’ve heard this substitution preached time and time again, many families still haven’t taken the plunge. Don’t help yourself to the plastic grocery bag at your next trip, because these bags are single handedly killing our wildlife and environment. If you find yourself taking multiple small grocery trips through the week or month, consider opting for an organic cotton tote. If you’ll use the tote for your non-frequent high-volume grocery trips, consider opting for a sturdier fabric or material. These totes will last you years, save countless wild animals, and will save you from having to keep that random plastic bag cabinet or drawer in your home. Simply fold the totes up in your cart until you check out, and hand them off to your clerk as you check out. This truly won’t inconvenience you in any way, other than the initial investment of totes to match your needs.

Sound off below if you’ve made a change in your life to produce less waste, and what inspired you to do so. If you’d like your next eco-friendly life change to be implementing solar energy in to your life, we’re here to help. Call us here at J-Tech Solar today to get started with a free estimation!


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