Tiny Life Edits, Big Environmental Impacts!

Tiny Life Edits, Big Environmental Impacts!

The world is changing for the better, and here at J-Tech Solar, we’re loving all of the changes both large companies and individuals are making to help take care of the environment. It’s great to see families are vowing to produce zero waste and entire cities are making recycling laws. You might be wondering how you can join this eco movement, but aren’t entirely sure where to start. What if we told you that small alterations to your daily life can make a huge impact?

a hand holding a coffee tumbler with metal straw, a small change made to help make environmental impacts

Instead of cups, try tumblers

Plastic coffee cups are terrible for the environment. Billions of disposable coffee cups end up on land and in the ocean each year. Some companies are fighting this problem by designing biodegradable cups, but you can help now by simply changing your morning routine. On your way out the door, reach for your reusable coffee tumbler, and let the drive thru know you have your own mug. (Some places even offer a discount for bringing your own cup!)

Instead of outdated thermostats, try new tech

Most families leave their thermostats at one temperature, and forget about it throughout the day. This means your home is staying cool even when no one is there to enjoy it. Consider investing in a smart thermostat so you can control your home’s temperature from your phone. You can turn the temp back down before anyone gets home, but won’t waste any energy (or money) keeping it chilly during the day.

Instead of tossing it out, try food kitchens

Many of us get frustrated when our pantry gets cluttered. Instead of tossing out unused cans of soup or vegetables, consider donating the food to your local food kitchen. Brush up on what foods are best to donate and which should be tossed before visiting the food bank. By donating unused food you’ll not only be impacting another person’s life, but you’ll be fighting against America’s massive food waste problem.

Instead of little trips, try buying in bulk

By adjusting your shopping habits, you can help the environment on a regular basis. Purchasing multiple bags of one food item produces a lot of waste due to packaging. Consider buying in bulk to help reduce that waste, or consider eating more fresh produce which comes without a package.

Instead of electric, try solar power

We’re always impressed with how solar power is changing not just Lincoln, Nebraska, but the world for the better! Whether it’s solar power for an entire home, or just enough to power your smartphone, getting off the electric grid is one way to produce less waste in the environment!

Instead of plastic, try fabric bags

Plastic bags cause havoc on our environment, and many people disregard the impact they have and use them on a regular basis. By making smaller and more frequent shopping trips and bringing reusable bags with you, you won’t feel inconvenienced at all when skipping the plastic at checkout.

a smiling man working at on his laptop

Instead of a desktop, try a laptop

Laptops are more environmentally friendly than desktop computers, as they consume a fraction amount of the energy. This means when you plug a desktop in at your office, you’re consuming almost double the amount of energy as you would if you worked off of a laptop computer. If you’re in the market, opt for a smaller, more efficient laptop instead of a desktop.

There are so many ways to help make an impact on the environment, and most won’t inconvenience you at all. Small adjustments will drastically reduce your carbon footprint, so why not start today? If you have more questions about how J-Tech can help you with your efforts, call us today and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!


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