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Captain, The Earthship Is Ready For Takeoff

Captain, The Earthship Is Ready For Takeoff

Most of us make tiny adjustments to our daily lives for the sake of lessening our carbon footprint. However, there are plenty of people who go above and beyond in order to make large scale impact on the environment. To help accomplish this positive change on the environment, architects are constructing homes known as earthships. Keep reading to find out if your next move should be to an earthship, and how these architecturally complex homes are saving our ecosystem.

a glass filled earthship

What’s an earthship?

In technical terms, an earthship is a type of passive solar house that is made of both natural and upcycled materials. Upcycling is different than recycling because instead of breaking down consumer goods to be remade into completely different products, upcycling takes items in their final state and repurposes them into long term useful and often beautiful items. In addition to being made up of all organic and upcycled materials, earthships have multiple different features that all work together to provide clean energy, plentiful organic resources, and ultimately, a comfortable place to live. Each room serves a unique and extremely functional purpose, so that no space in the earthship is wasted.

What are the features of an earthship?

There are plenty of planet-friendly features of an earthship, which is part of the appeal to all earth lovers. Features range from solar heating and cooling, solar and wind electricity, and contained sewage treatment, to water catching systems, food production, and complete natural and recycled materials. Essentially, if you choose to vacation or live in an earthship, you’ll rarely feel the need to step a foot outside the door thanks to the natural sustainability of the design. Plants will grow in one part of your home while another room collects clean water from the rain and melted snow. You won’t have to go without common amenities such as sewage systems or heating and cooling, because the earthship uses all natural methods to regulate your comfort. Earthships were designed to not only provide optimal functionality, but also a beautiful and unique place to live comfortably.

an earthship dug into the earth with a terrarium

How does an earthship help the earth?

The average American household is much larger and energy consuming than it needs to be. Most families have rooms that aren’t used except for when guests visit, or even have appliances that rarely get opened (we see that old freezer in your garage that still has Christmas cookies from three years ago.) Every household could be reduced to help not only make housing more affordable for single families, but also to help reduce the impact we’re having on the environment. Until we’re ready to make large scale changes in the housing industry, earships are our next best answer. These beautiful homes essentially cut all of these extra environmental harms out of the picture. No more manufactured materials that encourage factory output and no more energy guzzling traditional HVAC systems. They support organic foods and natural sources of water, which will not only leave your body feeling relieved, but your ecosystem will thank you as well.

Many people opt to stay in an earthship for a night to see what the home truly can provide before making the plunge. Living in a sustainable off-the-grid home is a unique experience, and for many people, it’s a reality. If you’re planning to keep earthships at bay for now, that doesn’t mean you can’t update your current home to help conserve more energy. Call us today to get your home in better shape for the environment by using solar energy for power!


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