Climate Change Goals?

climate changing

Climate Change Goals?

climate changing

How will the U.S. achieve its climate change goals?

In September, energy leaders and experts from all around the world met for Climate Week 2016. This is an event that spotlights how continued investment in clean energy innovation and technology can empower us to address global climate change.

We’ve mentioned some of the ways slow-carbon energy sources,  like solar power, are key to combating climate change. When solar panels are used to create electricity, there’s about 95% less carbon pollution than when fossil fuels are used. The sun can be a great source of fuel because it supplies are endless. Therefore, solar power is a great climate solution because more people can access it.

Just this year, researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory touted that the United States could get nearly 40% of its electricity from rooftop solar panels. There’s a low-carbon advantage of solar power, but you may not understand how one solar panel can be one piece of the giant puzzle.

When you make the decision to go solar, you help our country prioritize climate change. There are a few things to consider when trying to understand how solar panels can make an impact. The Clean Power Plan, which the Environmental Protection Agency announced in 2015, is America’s principal policy for cutting down electricity-related carbon pollution.

It plans to lay, “the foundation for the long-term strategy needed to tackle the threat of climate change.” The Plan requires a 32% reduction in carbon pollution from the power sector by 2030. Going solar is consistent with the pollution reduction goal established by the Clean Power Plan. Going solar can help our country meet climate change policy goals.

The Clean Power Plan calls for a 32% reduction in carbon pollution within 15 years. However, a customer with a solar panel can reduce about 80% of their electricity carbon footprint after just one year. If more decide to use solar panels, the result is a massive reduction in carbon pollution. There are also numerous environmental benefits. This includes avoiding huge amounts of air pollution and water use.

Also, solar panels can cut down on energy bills. This makes it another cost-effective solution for customers. While there are various debates regarding climate change, this is clear: we must minimize our carbon footprint. Going solar is a tangible solution that can have a major impact on our world. We at J-Tech Construction want to help YOU and the community we live in – let’s talk.


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