Burglar Proof the Doors in Your Home




Home security seems to be on everyone’s minds lately. We commonly read about burglar deterrents, securing our windows, and tips and tricks when it comes to securing your home alarms. At the end of the day, you have to fall back to “the best defense is a good offense.

Case and point: You can do many things to secure your home for your family. You don’t have to focus on following every tip from every list, but if you take a few small action steps today, you’ll be a lot safer tomorrow.

Burglar Proof the Doors in Your Home

The holidays are around the corner. Making sure your home is burglar proof reduces your risk.

Reinforce Your Sliding Doors

You have to make sure that your sliding glass door isn’t an invitation to step right into your home. You can do this by making sure your doors are created from reinforced glass or plastic, like polycarbonate, and not simple, single-pane glass. Next, install and dowel in the track. The dowel rod should measure no more than 1/4″ less than the length of the track in order to prevent the door from being opened by brute force. Installing motion or vibration sensors to sound the alarm can add an extra layer of home security, just in case the glass is broken. Finally, adding curtains can help deter temptation from any burglars who would act upon seeing valuables.

Install “Solid” Security

In general, making sure that all of your exterior doors are solid enough to withstand being kicked in is a pretty good rule of thumb. This means you need a solid wooden door to be safest. Other options, like fiberglass and metal, are good as long as your door has interior reinforcement and a lock block, to ensure an intruder can’t use something like a car jack to prop the door open. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you can’t beat a reinforced steel door. Beware of the maintenance required, though, as they tend to rust.

Say Goodbye to Shrubbery

If you’re fine with losing the self-esteem boost that comes with compliments on your nice shrubbery, then losing the leaves can help make your home safer. Just say no to planting shrubs, bushes and trees to obscure your doorways – you never know who may be lying in wait to enter your home.

“Did you know that an estimated 70% of home invaders enter through a door (as opposed to a window), which includes front doors, patio doors and even garage doors?”

Deadbolt Locks

Sometimes the most basic of security is the best security. The strongest of doors are only as strong as their locks, and that’s why every home entry point should be reinforced with a deadbolt lock. When looking for your deadbolt, don’t cut corners. It pays to go with a brand name. Of course, don’t splurge on a $200 deadbolt, but don’t be cheap either. A middle-of-the-road deadbolt lock should be all you need to add a serious layer of security to your home.

Secondary Protection

While on the topic of deadbolt locks, don’t overlook the option of a secondary deadbolt lock – you know, the ones that don’t have a keyed access, but can only lock / unlock from the inside. They’re almost impossible for a burglar to get around. Rest easier knowing that you have an extra layer of solid security when you and your loved ones are resting at home.

Windowless Doorways

While nice as a design option, doorways with windows do pose a security risk, as they allow light to stream into your home to make it look inviting. It’s too easy for a burglar to smash in a window that’s close to a lock, and unlock your door. But fear not! If you have a windowless door, and absolutely love it, there are a few steps you can take to ensure its security. Upgrade your glass to reinforced glass, and even consider adding decorative metal bars as reinforcement.

Don’t Overlook the Door Frame

One set of commonly overlooked home security features are the door frame and door jam. A kick to a weak jamb or frame and your door will swing flying in. Combat this action by installing a deeper box strike, or a type of steel pocket that houses the bolt from your deadbolt lock. You may want to look into reinforcing your door jamb with galvanized steel. This will ensure your door’s ability to withstand and brute force given by intruders trying to break in.

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