Benefits of Triple Pane Windows


October, 2018

J-Tech Construction is the window installation expert for Lincoln and the Tri-cities area. Since winter decided to give us an early showing this year, keeping the house warm is on everyone’s mind. While we’re still hoping to make it through Halloween without another snowfall (fingers crossed!), it might be a good time to look into replacing old, inefficient windows. This week, we’re looking past the standard and talking triple pane windows! We’ll look at the benefits of installing triple pane windows and let you know whether or not it may be time for an upgrade.

the outside of a house, with windows reflecting the winter scenery

Triple vs Double Pane: What’s the Big Difference?

The difference between double and triple pane windows is, well, fairly obvious. Most residential windows are double panes, and each pane is usually approximately ⅛” thick. While there are some older homes which still have single pane windows, most homes are already equipped with at least double panes. Triple pane windows, have the added benefit of one extra window pane, but how much help can that actually be?

Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

Actually, the benefits of triple pane windows are pretty extensive. First and foremost, there’s the energy savings provided. We use the U-factor to measure the rate of heat transfer for windows to determine their efficiency. The triple pane windows used by J-Tech can improve upon the U-factor of a dual pane window by nearly 52%! Triple pane windows also help reduce condensation on windows and keep humidity in the home. Because they’re less drafty and better insulated, they’re helpful in keeping the humidity in your home more consistent during the winter. That way, you can turn off the humidifier without dealing with dry, itchy throats all season.

a cross section of a triple pane window

Should I Replace my Windows?

While most homes with dual pane windows are likely performing well enough to last the winter, there are a few things which one could consider a reason to replace windows. For example, if your home is consistently drafty or has a hard time holding heat, it might be time to call a professional. Similarly, if you are consistently seeing foggy windows throughout your home, or if any windows are damaged or broken, you’ll want to have them looked at before winter. Lastly, if your home still has old, single pane windows, you’ll want to look into at least dual, if not triple pane windows to help you save on energy costs year round!

Trying to decide whether triple pane windows are a good choice for your home? Call the exterior experts at J-Tech Construction today! We’d be happy to head over, get you a free estimate, and talk about your window installation and replacements options today!

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