Signs it’s Time to Replace Windows


January, 2018


Homeowners know they need to update and maintain their houses, yet struggle to know when exactly to do so. This week we’re walking you through when to know it’s time to replace your windows. Waiting too long to replace windows will end up costing more money in the end, and no one wants to replace windows without having a real need to so.

If you’re asking these questions, you know it’s time to call your contractors about replacing your windows:

window installation

Has my bill always been this high?

Higher utility bills is a common sign it’s time to replace your windows. Good windows keep out the cold and heat and help maintain low electric and gas bills. Many homeowners procrastinate window replacement to save money and don’t realize they’re paying more money in the long run by paying higher monthly bills.

Why are my neighbors so loud?

Similarly to keeping out cold and heat, good windows block sound. While no window soundproofs completely, new windows are a great way to get some of the peace and quiet you’ve been wanting. Working with your window experts, you can find the best windows for blocking sound if this is a growing concern of yours.

Is this too broken?

Small cracks in the glass are easily fixable, and sometimes even go unnoticed for long periods of time. If you see a small break, most likely you can fix it for a relatively low cost. However, if there are any minor cracks in the seal, the whole window will need to be replaced. Similarly, if the break in the glass is too large, most professionals will suggest replacing the whole window.

Can I fix warping myself?

No. Warping frames and windows are not a small project, and the whole window will need to be replaced regardless of severity. Wood frames are the most common culprit, but vinyl frames can also see some warping issues.

window installation

How old is too old?

This is a common question. Sometimes people don’t see any of the above problems, and feel as though their windows are performing just fine. Window experts advise replacing windows once they reach about ten years old, even if their general integrity appears intact. Even if the naked eye doesn’t see any issues, old windows are more susceptible to unpredictable issues. It’s better to get ahead and replace old windows early, rather than having to invest in a larger project later on if the windows lead to other damage.

Cheapest DIY window replacement options?

If you’re asking this question, it’s time to call your window contractors. No matter what the issue is, if a window needs replaced, it’s best to be done by someone who has experience in the matter. Not only will a faulty window installment cause immediate damage to your home, it will inflict a larger financial burden when you need to call experts later on to address the issue.

If you’ve faced any of these questions recently, make an appointment for experts to check your windows. Remember, even if one of your windows needs replaced, that doesn’t always mean all windows will need to be replaced. Wait for your window professional to advise you on a course of action, and trust they won’t lead you astray.

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