Insulate your Home by Winterizing Drafty Windows


December, 2017


Energy costs during the winter can be through the roof for those who have an under-insulated home. Windows are one of the places homes lose most of their heat. According to some estimates, standard homes lose as much as 30% of their heat through the windows. Taking proper precautions in time for the coldest part of the season is crucial to saving money this holiday season. This week, we’ll give you insight on how to keep heat in your home this winter, no matter how cold and drafty your window units are!

Not Drafty: Heavy Curtains

Even windows with very little draft can suck warm air out of a home very quickly. Keep your home cozy by using heavy curtains to block out the cold. Check for curtains marketed as “light blocking” or “blackout curtains” as these are typically the thickest. This gives them the best chance to keep out the cold and trap the heat inside to keep heat bills low.

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Not Very Drafty: Bubble wrap

Maybe you only have one old, drafty window that isn’t quite winter ready. In this case, there’s an easy hack to keep your home warm. Get a roll of bubble wrap from a local post office or shipping center. Use it to cover your problem window entirely and seal the edges with duct tape to ensure it holds all season long. The bubble wrap acts as an internal barrier to keep out a slight draft while you roast chestnuts by your fireplace.

Very Drafty: Window Insulation Film

If you have old, single pane windows your home can lose heat quickly. This means you may have to spend a little more time making sure they are properly sealed for the season. Most home improvement stores sell window insulation film to use seasonally. However, the film can be a bit tricky to put up correctly. Before applying the double-sided tape from the kit, make sure you start by cleaning the entire window casing. This will help the film stay in place throughout winter. You may need one more person to help you attach the plastic because you want the film as flat and wrinkle-free as possible.

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Extremely Drafty: Install New Window Units

If you’re having a hard time keeping heat in your home, even after installing insulation film, it may be time to invest in new window units. While new units can be pricey, they will save your home in heating and cooling costs over the long run. Winter is actually a perfect time for new windows because fewer people call for the services, meaning you’re likely to get quicker treatment. Also, any reputable window installation company will take measures to ensure your home stays warm during the process. They’ll likely replace one window at a time and use plastic to trap in air during the process, keeping your home toasty.

To learn more about new window units for your home or to get an estimate, get in touch J-Tech Construction, and share this article with a friend who has bad windows to keep them warm this winter!

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