Hail Damage: Don’t Wait


JUNE, 2015


Hail damage to a roof can go unnoticed for a long time – often, problems don’t surface for two to three years after the initial storm damage.

By the time you realize the extent of the trouble, it’s often far too late to collect insurance, and the out of pocket costs can be extensive due to untreated damage. It’s best to contact your homeowners insurance company right after a storm that produced hail.

Besides the obvious damage and erosion to roof shingles, hail can create a domino effect of serious issues inside your home. Leaks are number one on the list. Holes in the roof become holes in the ceiling, which leads to unwanted water dripping everywhere.

Continuous dampness in your home can lead to a number of other problems. Windows and door frames may swell, making day-to-day household functions difficult, not to mention your furniture will begin to become musty. Your home may develop a dank atmosphere and unpleasant odors. Especially in a already humid environment that we live in here in Nebraska.

hail damage lincoln ne

Lincoln is no stranger to monstrous hail storms.

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“Holes in the roof become holes in the ceiling, which leads to unwanted water dripping everywhere.”

Most importantly, your ceilings and walls may break out in mold- a problem that’s dangerously unhealthy as well as unsightly and expensive to treat. It’s also notoriously hard to counteract – often recurring just when you thought you’d finally gotten rid of it. There is also a danger, if not repaired, that water can leak into your electrical system and cause a risk of being electrocuted.

The best way to prevent these problems is by getting your roof examined for potential damage as soon after a hailstorm as possible. At J-Tech Construction, we have the staff and capabilities to inspect your roof pretty quickly after a storm has hit your area. We are also very well versed in dealing with insurance companies from the beginning of the process to the very end. You will be thankful you did the repair for years to come.

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