Top Tips to Keep Your Home Toasty and Warm – Part 1




Winter may not be here yet, but the time to winter proof your home is!

1. Did you know that windows are one of the biggest ways that heat escapes your home? So, if your windows are old and/or inefficient, consider replacing them (we can help you out with that!).

2. Have a furnace that’s more than 10 years old? If so, there’s a good chance that it wastes a lot of fuel. Consider upgrading to a newer one.

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Tips for staying cozy.

3. Insulate the hot water lines around your hot water heater and turn down the temperature of the water heater to the “warm” setting (120 degrees F).

4. Consider “blanketing” your water heater with faced fiberglass insulation. However, DO NOT do this if you have a gas-powered water heater.

5. Wrap any hot water pipes that run through unheated areas of the house. You can also insulate cold water pipes to help prevent them from freezing during those cold winter months.

6. Replace your furnace filter about every 3 months – those filters are there for a reason, and that’s to catch all the “junk” (dust, etc) so it doesn’t blow into your house. However, a clogged up filter doesn’t let air through very easily and, in turn, makes your furnace work that much harder to heat your house.

“A clogged up filter doesn’t let air through very easily and, in turn, makes your furnace work that much harder to heat your house.”

7. Make sure your cold air returns aren’t blocked. Your furnace needs these open and unobstructed to operate efficiently, too.

8. Do you have a programmable thermostat? If so, use it! By using the programmable feature, you can help reduce heating costs when no one is at home.

9. Here comes the sun! When it’s sunny out, uncover all south-facing windows to let all possible sunlight in your home.

10. Keep all vents and baseboard heaters clean.

11. Got a fireplace? Make sure to close the damper when the fireplace is not in use.

12. If you like using a fireplace, consider getting an insert that will direct the heat into your house instead of just sending it up the chimney.

13. Check the insulation in the walls of your home and in your attic space. It might need some work in order to keep heat in efficiently.

14. Plant evergreen trees close to your home – not only do they provide some much needed color in the midst of a winter wonderland, but they also block that howling winter wind that we all love so much.

15. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to push hot air downward which delay it from escaping the house.

16. Consider hanging thermal curtains to help prevent drafts.

17. Install a dryer vent seal to prevent cold air from traveling back into your home.

18. Try not to use space heaters to heat large areas of your house.

OK! That was our first set of tips…make sure to check back soon for more! And, as always, if you are at the point where you’re needing new windows, a new roof, or new siding, please don’t hesitate to give J-Tech Construction a call!

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