Spring Cleaning: Exterior Update Edition


March, 2018


With the first day of spring approaching within the next week (it’s on the 20th, not that we’re counting), the J-tech team is excited to begin spring cleaning projects that have taken the backseat throughout winter. In the cold months, many homeowners opt for interior improvements to stay warm from the cold temperatures and snowy weather, and we certainly can’t blame you. Now, it’s time to let the breeze through the windows, take a break from spring cleaning, and begin your exterior updates in order to have a safe and happy spring. Enjoy our five steps to getting your home exterior ready for springtime weather.

Step one: Gutters

Step one when preparing your home for springtime is to clean out your gutters. Many homeowners neglect this step, partly due to the inconvenience of the process. However, cleaning out your gutters not only allows the gutter system to continue to work properly, but also ensures there are no cracks or unseen issues hidden underneath the leaves and debris. When cleaning your gutters, make sure to look for broken parts or clogged portions. These signs can lead to larger issues and should be addressed quickly. Rest assured, most experts suggest cleaning your gutters only twice a year. This means you won’t have to clean your gutters again for another six months!

Step two: Roof

While you’re on your roof cleaning the gutters, or from afar with your favorite pair of binoculars, examine your roof. This step is crucial to getting your home ready for springtime because many homes experience roof damage throughout the cold months. Keep your eye out for cracks, warping, or discoloration. If you see anything that looks suspicious, call your local exterior experts to come examine the questionable spots and provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Step three: Air Conditioning

Just as you prepare and maintain your furnace before the cold months, it is crucial to inspect your air conditioning before the hot months. When air conditioning units sit idle for months, they tend to gather leaves, dust, and debris (similar to those gutters you just cleaned out.) You’ll need to clean or replace the filters so the unit can run more efficiently. Next, clean the A/C condenser coils, remove large debris, check the coolant lines, and test the unit (all of these steps are explained in more detail here.)

Step four: Decks and patios

The best place to entertain guests in the springtime is outdoors, typically on your decks and patios. While this step may seem simple, this is high on our list of springtime improvements. When decks and patios go unmaintained, the cost of repairs becomes far more expensive than simply maintaining a healthy outdoor living space. Closely examine the wood or concrete for cracks, rot, or discoloration. Additionally, check the railing system for similar issues, and make sure all of the posts are intact and don’t wiggle for safety purposes.

Step five: Spring cleaning

Finally, when preparing for your springtime exterior cleaning, it’s important to execute general cleaning in addition to these more specific projects. Now is the time to spark your lawn back to life, clean up any toys or animal waste left behind in the winter, repair any leaking hoses, clean siding, and explore any exterior decorating projects you’ve been interested in trying all winter.

If you’d like a helping hand with your exterior spring projects, call J-Tech today. We’d be happy to get our hands dirty to help you spring into the new season!

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