Significant Architecture In Nebraska


June, 2018

Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, J-Tech is a company that’s proud of our Nebraskan roots. That’s why this week we’re taking time to appreciate the beautiful architecture that is unique to Nebraska. There’s plenty of unspoken architectural wonders in Nebraska and, for now, we’re focusing on the substantial historic buildings throughout our great plains.

Capitol Building, Lincoln

The hard to miss capital building in Lincoln, Nebraska with it’s height and historic presence in the state. After Franklin Pierce signed the Nebraska-Kansas Act on May 30, 1854, the Legislature voted the village of Lancaster to be the new capital site. The small community was renamed Lincoln, and after many failed attempts to construct an effective capitol building, the capitol as we know it was built over the years of 1922-1932. This building is open to visitation during visiting hours, and conducts tours every hour during open business hours.

the durham museum in omaha nebraska, lit up at night

Durham Museum, Omaha

Established in 1929, the Durham Museum originated as a new Union Station. The goal of this collaboration between Union Pacific and Burlington officials was to provide Omaha railroad passengers with proper transportation options comparable to any city of its size in the country. Essentially, this Union Station was an effort to put Omaha on the map as far as railroads are concerned. The Union Station closed when Congress established the National Railroad Passenger Corporation(now Amtrak). The last train left Union Station at 2:00am May 2nd, 1971. Now standing as a statement to our broad-range of traveling history, Durham Museum boasts beautiful architecture and countless memories spent at the Union Station.

wide shot of the Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, Nebraska

Holy Family Shrine, Gretna

The Holy Family Shrine in Gretna was designed to be a place of peace, comfort, healing, and spiritual exploration for travelers. While built with the Christian faith in mind, the shrine is open to those of any faith. Thanks to the unique construction of the chapel, this beauty makes our list of significant buildings in Nebraska. A small stream flows through and inside of the shrine, filling any visitor with a deep connectedness to nature. The glass ceiling and walls highlight the beautiful intertwining wooden beams and lets visitors feel at one with the surrounding nature which attracts many spectators per year.

Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, Kearney

Ever since 2000, the Archway has stood as a testament to the adventurers who traveled the Great Platte River Road through Nebraska and helped shape the America we know and love today. The Archway is difficult to miss, and has inspired over 1.5 million visitors to better understand the 200 years in which the path along the Platte River was traveled. After paying the entrance fee, visitors can enjoy various exhibits and educational tours of the Archway, and will leave with a far better understanding of one of the many crucial historic happenings in Nebraska’s rich history.

For more information on the hidden Nebraskan wonders, visit these sites for a tour and see why they topped our list! If you’d like to craft your own home or business into an architectural beauty, call J-Tech today for a free quote. Let’s get started on turning your house into a home that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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