It’s that time of year again! We recently kicked off the fourth annual Sock Drive for the Lincoln People’s City Mission, sponsored by J-Tech, Lincoln’s exterior experts. On Dec. 10, a few of our team members dropped boxes off at some neighboring businesses in the Havelock area, and we’ll be working together to collect as many socks as possible for those in need this holiday season. On Dec. 21, we’ll all gather at J-Tech’s office—located at 6200 Havelock Avenue—for a Christmas party featuring a little fun and a lot of giving back.

Meet some of our neighbors, the amazing business owners of Lincoln who’re using the holidays to do good in our community. You can stop at J-Tech or any one of these places before Dec. 21 to donate socks to the cause. All donations must be new, unused socks still in the package to be taken to the Mission. Men’s, women’s and children’s sizes are all needed and appreciated.


Bob’s Tavern

Bob’s Tavern at 6212 Havelock Ave. is doing their part for the sock drive. Stop in for a pint and drop off a pair—it’ll be the easiest donation you make all season!

Isles Pub and Pizza

If you’re looking for a slice with your brew, head to Isles Pub and Pizza. They’re collecting socks with us at their 6232 Havelock Ave. location.


We like a little lasagna with our do-gooding. If you agree, speed over to Valentino’s! Make sure you go to the location at 64th and Havelock Ave. to find the donation box.

Misty’s Steakhouse & Lounge

Misty’s has a couple of Lincoln locations. While both have amazing steak, only the original Havelock location has one of our donation boxes, making it our favorite of the two.

Hardware/Auto Repair

Wolfe Hardware

This homey hardware shop is all about giving back for the holidays. Here’s the team at Wolfe Hardware with their donation box at 6118 Havelock Ave.

Schweitzer Auto Repair

It’s hard to go through winter with bad tires—it’s even harder without socks. You can help fix both with a quick trip to Schweitzer Auto Repair in Havelock.

Barber Shops/Salons

Hair Skills Barber Shop

Hair Skills Barber Shop is giving the gift of a Christmas shave all season long. They’re also helping us collect socks! They’re located at 6106 Havelock Ave.

Baja Salon

Baja Salon is doing both good deeds and good cuts at 6215 Havelock Ave. Head in to see Barb, featured here holding the salon’s donation box.

Designers on the Avenue

A fresh holiday haircut pairs perfectly with charity. Drop off some socks at Designers on the Avenue in Havelock when you’re in the area.

Northern Exposure

For a golden holiday glow, you can jump over to Northern Exposure Tanning & Hair Salon in Havelock. Make sure to bring some socks!

Apparel/Fabric Shops

Haney Shoes

Every good shoe needs a sock, making Havelock’s own Haney Shoes the perfect partner for our sock drive!

The Vickeridge

The Vickeridge is a miss’s and women’s boutique right on the corner of 62nd and Havelock Ave. Pick out an outfit for the Christmas party and bring some socks to donate too!


Although he’s a new face in Havelock, Kevin—the owner of SPORTSFANtastic—jumped at the chance to give back. Whether you’re in to grab a jersey or some Husker swag as a gift for grandpa, you can check out the new space, do some Christmas shopping and donate socks all in one spot.

Cosmic Cow

Cosmic Cow is a quilting fabric supplier located at 6136 Havelock Ave. Like J-Tech, they’re a family-owned business excited to give back to their community through the sock drive.

Other Businesses

Havelock Clinic of Dr. Zieg

Havelock’s resident dentist is cleaning teeth and warming toes this holiday season. Drop off a pair of socks with Dr. David Zieg while you clean up your pearly whites before the holiday party!

The Law Offices of Glen D. Witte

Glen Witte has been a practicing lawyer in Lincoln since 1987. While many a Lincolnite has him to thank for their estate planning, many more will be showing their appreciation for their toasty toes this winter.

All American Insurance

Since 1972, All American Insurance has been a staple of Havelock. Now, they’re a staple of the sock-gathering community too!

Pinnacle Bank

While they may have locations all over the city, the Havelock location of Pinnacle Bank is the one accepting sock donations. You can find them at 6145 Havelock Ave.

Russ’s Market

Russ’s Market is our favorite local grocery store chain, and their Havelock location has graciously agreed to help us collect socks this season. Stop in to pick up food for your feast and make a donation at the same time.

The Havelock business community is proud to support our friends and neighbors by giving back to those most in need this holiday season. To support the sock drive, stop into any of these businesses before Dec. 21 to give what you can. Then, stop by J-Tech! We’ll be hosting a little soiree on Dec. 21—rumor has it that Santa himself will be there, so bring the kids.

From our team at J-Tech and all our neighboring businesses, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a joyous New Year!