Home Trends of the Last Half Century


October, 2018

It’s no secret that interior and exterior home trends have changed over the last 50 years. It may be funny now to look back at pictures of older homes, but those wood paneled walls and funky split levels are just products of their era – and were once considered the height of trendiness! This week, we’re talking about the architectural and interior design trends that have found their way into American homes throughout the last 50 years. Maybe you’ll notice some of these have even shown up in your own home!

a rendering of a ranch style house from the sixties, one of many home trends of the past

The Sixties

In the 1960s, ranch style homes were all the rage! Though they had been around since the 1930s (the style was said to have been invented by a man named Cliff May in San Diego in 1932) the homes had popularized by the 1950s and continued in popularity throughout the 60s. Interiors often boasted wood paneled walls, hardwood floors, and molded plastic furniture to round out the Mid-century modern aesthetic which had carried over from the 50s.

The Seventies

By the 1970s, people were starting to veer from the ranch style homes of their parents. Split level homes, especially those with split level entryways, were common throughout the decade. Even The Brady Bunch, which premiered in 1969, had a split level home which may have boosted its popularity throughout the next ten years. Appliances, walls, and carpets of harvest gold and avocado green were the pinnacle of trendy color combos and funky prints helped liven up the wood paneling trend which carried over from the 1960s.

The Eighties

The 80s brought about an age of total renovation. With more disposable income, many homeowners were able to remodel or, in some cases, completely tear down and rebuild larger homes on their lot. Many cities were forced to reexamine zoning regulations as homes began to push closer and closer to property lines. Condos were another popular popular for people in large cities who wanted the benefits of home ownership without having as much responsibility, especially for things like lawn maintenance.

The Nineties

America turned into an island nation throughout the 1990s – a kitchen island nation, that is! The craze took over kitchens across the country in need of more counter space and extra storage. Open floor plans began to rise in popularity around this time as well, and the trend has continued in popularity since. Just watch any remodeling show on HGTV and you’ll see that everyone is after the open floor plan pioneered in the 90s!

a modern upscale house

The New Millennium till Now!

Open floor plans and kitchen islands still abound, but relics of the past certainly pop up in today’s trends. Gold and green are once again popular colors, although hunter green is favored to the avocado hue of the 70s. The larger home sizes of the 80s are still on trend, and many designers are harkening back to mid-century modern statement pieces which look like they’ve time traveled straight from 1960. All of these trends marry well with the clean, minimalist look so favored by today’s homeowners.

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