Gaining “Girl Power” through Construction Industry


March, 2018

In Omaha, women want to change perceptions of this industry by getting involved and encouraging their female peers to do the same. By encouraging more women to pursue the construction industry, they hope to diversify the workforce and plunge into a more inclusive industry. These women want to restore, build, and create in Omaha and are taking more action today than ever before.

man and woman at construction looking at iPad

How Women Are Taking Action

These women are taking action by self-assigning projects, becoming public leaders in their community, and by pursuing more jobs with construction companies. When the Omaha World-Herald commented on the action women are taking, they included multiple testimonials from women on how they became involved in taking action to create equality in the job force. Along with speaking at conventions, restoring houses, and working alongside male workers, these women hope to educate the young women of tomorrow. By educating the youth about the underrepresentation of women in construction, they hope both women and men will feel urged to change these current statistics.

woman drilling into wall

How Everyone Can Take Action

In order to follow this call to action, we can all help these women accomplish their dreams by encouraging them, helping to solve their roadblocks, and educating our youth. Kristine Gerber, executive director or Restoration Exchange in Omaha and one of the women featured in the Omaha World-Herald article, said that she can already see the normalities of construction evolving. According to Gerber, “things are changing, [we] see it in these young people, [we] see it in this whole next generation.” We can impact the construction industry in years to come by changing our mindset and preconceived notions today. The construction industry doesn’t need to be a male-dominated, and these women in Omaha are ensuring they are given an equal shot to change it forever.

J-Tech is excited to see more women involved in the restoration and creation of construction. We hope that in the coming years we will see equal participation from both men and women, and to eventually bring the wage gap to a memory of the past. If you’re a woman (or a man) looking for opportunities in construction work in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding areas, call J-Tech today!

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