Let the Bug Battle Begin


April, 2018

There are many exciting things that happen in the springtime, from warmer weather and blossoming flowers to birds and squirrels making their return. However, despite the exciting springtime changes, there comes a less exciting springtime change: insects. More specifically, insects in your home. This week we’re discussing ways to combat bug infestations in order to better enjoy the beautiful season.

ants on baseboard in kitchen

Common bugs to expect in the spring

Each season comes with a unique swarm of insects. In the springtime, we see the bugs that have endured the bitter winter and aren’t afraid to make an early return. In the spring, you can expect to see an influx of ants, bees, flies, hornets, mosquitoes, and ticks. There are a few other pests that make an appearance, but these are the most common infestations seen in the spring and summer time in Nebraska. All of these insects enjoy humid, dark, and small spaces. They enter your home through small cracks in the foundation, open windows, and any other open surface.

How to avoid infestations

The best way to avoid infestations is to avoid making your home a cozy place for pests. While nobody enjoys spring cleaning, there’s a reason for the seasonal deep cleaning. After spending all winter staying indoors and creating a warm nest for you and your family, come springtime, your home may be a nesting ground for unwelcome guests. Step one of avoiding infestations is to clean and purge the clutter in your home, especially in basements or any unfinished rooms or areas. Also clean out cupboards, storage rooms, backyards, and any other place that may have been neglected during the cold months.

exterminator spraying insecticide

How to combat infestations

If you’ve found yourself face to face (hopefully not literally) with a pest problem, it’s time to combat it, fast. Depending on the severity and insect type, there are a few different options to solve the issue. The first choice is to hire an exterminator as they will be able to better assess the property and discover the source of the problem. They also understand each variation of pest and how to properly exterminate the infestation, saving you frustration down the road. Another option is to employ the usage of natural deterrents and safely encourage the pests to leave the home. There are plenty of specific methods to rid each species, and depending on the severity of the infestation different measures can be taken. For example, ants will not cross a path of cinnamon as they hate the smell. You can either use cinnamon essential oil to repel the ants, or you can sprinkle a row of cinnamon near the point of entry. For pesky outdoor mosquitos, burning simple and fresh smelling citronella candles will repel them from your outdoor activities.

Don’t let insects get in your way of a great blooming season. Take time to prevent and prepare for common warm weather insects, and if you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of infestations, hire an exterminator or take to your own DIY infestation hacks. If insects are finding cracks in your siding, windows, or doors to crawl through, call J-Tech Construction today for help with all of your exterior needs.

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