Best and Worst Construction Industry Trends of 2018


March, 2018

2018 has already been off to a great start in the world of construction. From the longest bridge in the world to Apple’s new headquarters being built in 2018, this year is bound to be one for the books. This week we’re delving into ways to take advantage of the best and worst construction industry trends of 2018.

Best: Increased use of technology

In 2018, we plan to see an increased use of technology in construction. The use of 3D printing can help companies with planning and logistics by being able to print out lifelike replicas of blueprints and other mapping techniques. Additionally, we plan to see many more drones on construction sites as companies begin to utilize the unmanned machines for more innovative purposes. Construction enthusiasts can take full advantage of the increased use of technology by keeping updated on the new trends and tech hitting the market. By not only understanding the new tech, but also by understanding how it can be best utilized, the world of construction is sure to experience leaps and bounds in 2018.

drone with camera over construction site

Worst: Hurting for construction employees

Many construction professionals claim we are experiencing a construction labor shortage as baby boomers begin to retire and younger generations tend to look down upon the industry. Nearly 80 percent of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled labor, resulting in longer time frames for projects and unbalanced teams on the construction sites. Luckily, the increased use of technology will aid this lack of employees by allowing teams to work as efficiently as possible through the labor shortage.

Best: Putting safety first

The construction industry has been perfecting the art of safety for years, but 2018 is the year professionals anticipate seeing the most change. Since 2013, workplace injuries have been on the rise on construction sites. Despite safety efforts, people are still facing unfortunate accidents and injuries. In 2018 drones will be used to monitor many active sites and analyze the leading causes of accidents on them. By keeping a constant eye on dangerous situations, management believes they can reduce worksite accidents. Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is actively promoting safe work habits that will increase employee safety in 2018. If you work in construction, consider participating in Safety Week May 7-11 to promote safe working conditions.

construction crew watching crane move crate

Worst: Construction spending through the roof

In 2018, construction industry analysts have predicted to see all-time high spending. As more construction companies incorporate high-tech equipment, invest more money in work safety efforts, and pay more for sustainable materials, spending will inevitably be at an all-time high. Aside from these trends affecting construction spending, unavoidable shifts in the housing market have had a major impact as well. In 2018, construction professionals should plan on seeing adjustments in budgets and shifts in overall financial priorities. This change shouldn’t be something to fear, but rather something to prepare and educate employees about moving forward.

Overall, 2018 is ready to see some pretty exciting turns in the construction industry. Here at J-Tech, we plan to take the good with the bad and evolve with the times to provide the best service possible. Call us today to see how we can help improve your 2018 construction project!

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