Top Tips to Keep Your Home Toasty and Warm – Part 2




Hello! Welcome back to part two of our Top Tips to Keep Your Home Toasty and Warm series.

We’ve got 18 more GREAT tips and tricks to help you winterize your home and keep the cold on the outside, where it belongs!

1. If you spend the bulk of your time in one room in a large house, consider setting your thermostat a bit lower and using a small heater to heat the area where you are going to be.

2. Remove any window-unit air conditioners – there’s no good way to seal around them, and they’re easy to replace once spring rolls around.

3. Keep all closet doors closed whenever possible. Otherwise, you’ll just be heating space that doesn’t need it (unless the closet contains water pipes – if that’s the case, insulating your pipes may be the way to go).

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Top Tips to Keep Your Home Toasty and Warm series.

4. Make sure that your garage isn’t too drafty – if you can keep the cold air out of your garage, you’ll be letting much less cold in (and heat out) when you exit your house and enter your garage.

5. Try to use the clothes dryer for consecutive loads of laundry. This conserves the energy that would be needed to heat up the dryer several times.

6. Replace the caulking around any bathtubs or showers.

7. If your home has folding attic stairs, consider insulating the door with a cover of some sort.

8. If your home has a sliding glass door, check the seal on the bottom to make sure it isn’t letting in cold air.

9. If your water heater needs to be upgraded, consider installing a tankless water heater.

10. Use the oven for baking during colder hours of the day to help heat your home.

“If your water heater needs to be upgraded, consider installing a tankless water heater.”

11. Install storm doors to help keep out drafts.

12. Make sure that your duct system is working properly.

13. Make sure that there aren’t any drafts coming in under doors. If there are, consider using a rubber strip to seal them off.

14. If you own a brick home, check the mortar. It may need repair.

15. Replace worn or missing shingles or, if needed, replace your roof (we can help with this, too!).

16. Seal any cracks in the foundation of your house – it’s amazing how much cold air can creep in through those tiny little suckers!

17. Wear socks and slippers. If your feet are warm, you will feel warmer and can keep the thermostat set low.

18. Close off rooms that aren’t used and shut the vents.

That’s all we’ve got for now – what would you add to the list? Make sure to check the J-Tech Construction blog frequently for new posts on how to make your home the best one on the block!

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