The Tiny Home Craze


February, 2017


The Tiny Home Craze

A huge fad right now is the tiny home. It seems like thousands of people are jumping on the tiny bandwagon. There is even a house hunters tiny home edition. Part of the American dream used to be living in a great big house. But, many are making the switch to a more minimalist lifestyle. Not only can you save a ton of money, but simplify your life too. Typically, the average American home is around 2,600 square feet. That seems like a mansion compared to the average tiny home, which is around 400 square feet. Plus, tiny homes can be mobile or stationary. Having a house on wheels is a huge selling point for the travel enthusiast. In this week’s blog, we’ll focus on tiny homes and the benefits of living in a small space.

Money, money, money

For a lot of people, money is the main reason for buying or building a tiny home. Buying a home in an urban area can seem almost impossible. And, it seems like the cost of housing continues to grow every day. In fact, the average cost of buying a home is about $290,000. Don’t forget about the cost of maintaining and fixing your home. In contrast, the average tiny home costs about $23,000. Because of this, many tiny homeowners actually own their home rather than having a mortgage. This leaves a lot of extra money to pay off other debt, vacation, or saving for retirement. You’ll also save money on utilities, too. Instead of heating a whole house, you only have to worry about one little structure.


Like I stated earlier, tiny homes can either be stationary or mobile. A tiny home on wheels gives you the ability to travel anywhere there are roads. Also, they’re better than RV’s because all your belongings are inside. If you have the ability to work from home, you may find yourself traveling more than ever before.

The simple life

Owning a tiny home gives you more time for the things you enjoy. Think about it. How much time would you spend cleaning an average size house? All that can be done within the span of half an hour. In addition, making the switch to a smaller space also means there is less storage. Usually, more space means more clutter. Over time, most people acquire much more stuff than they really need. However, those that live in tiny homes don’t have this problem. De-cluttering any space will leave you feeling a lot better afterward. Imagine feeling that way all the time. You literally can’t store unneeded junk.

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