The Best it Seems, is Seamless


January, 2017


The Best it Seems, is Seamless

Siding is installed on the exterior of your home to protect it from outside elements. In fact, it helps keep water out, and at the same time helps insulate it. There are a ton of options when it comes to siding. For example, vinyl, polymer shakes, wooden siding, and our personal favorite seamless siding. Of these choices, we offer only the highest quality siding options. Incidentally, a select number of homeowners attempt to DIY the siding on their home. You may think that doing so will save you money, but in the long run it could be much more of a headache than you realize. Here at J-Tech Construction we manufacture siding on the job. We’ll explain why we think seamless siding is the best.


First, let’s go over some options for siding and why they can’t compare to seamless siding. Wood siding is a popular choice, as it is very versatile when it comes to style. However, wood siding requires the most maintenance and could need repair as early as 4 years after initial installment. In addition, ants or termites could wreak havoc on wood. You’ve probably heard of vinyl siding, many people choose this for siding. While it is relatively inexpensive, it also requires quite a bit of maintenance. Over time, it could crack and buckle. And, vinyl siding is said to be the most unattractive. A great option that we offer is mastic alloy siding. You can choose from many different colors and styles, and it is 46 percent stronger than steel.


J-Tech Construction offers on the job manufacturing. Meaning, when your siding is installed it’s custom to your house and will fit together perfectly. Our machine is top of the line. It all starts with a roll of pre-painted metal alloy cable, which comes in 25 different colors. In addition, you can pick from 23 different styles. Also, it’s equipped with an embosser, the most expensive part of our machine. The role of the embosser is to create texture, or wood grain on siding. Measurements are taken, and put directly into the batch controller. The batch controller is a computer that precisely measures the material based on your specifications. You can also input the amount of panels that you want, and the machine will stop when it needs to be cut. Manufacturing seamless siding on the job enables us to deliver the highest quality product, in a timely manner.

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