Summer To-Do’s Around the House


August, 2017


Here in the Midwest, we have awhile until the cold weather takes over. For that reason, there’s still plenty of time to get our summer home checklist completed before winter. Certain tasks like changing filters in the A/C should have already been done. But there’s plenty of tasks on your summer home checklist you can tackle before the last leaf falls.

Safety Checks

The top of your summer home to-do list should include all your home’s safety checks. Test fire alarms, and check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector. Ensure that any alarm systems you have in place are working properly. This could even include home security systems.

Summer To-Dos

Clean, clean, clean

Spring isn’t the only time of year to get down and dirty and clean your house top to bottom. A huge part of your summer to-do list for around the house should be some major cleaning projects. To begin, you’ll want to work from the ceiling down. Dust all surfaces and hard to reach areas, starting with ceiling fans and the tops of cabinets. Move all items off the countertops and clean the entire surface. Since the weather is still bearable, wash all exterior windows.

Summer is a great time to go above and beyond when cleaning the floors. Do your usual routine, then go the extra step. Maybe that means waxing the floors or using a heavy-duty carpet cleaner. Cleaning the floor is not just limited to the indoors, however. Porches, patios, and decks can be scrubbed down as well. While you’re cleaning, be sure to check the deck for rotting pieces. It also may need to be sealed or stained and there’s no better time than now.

Summer To-Dos

Next, on your summer to-do list should be preventing the accumulation of dirt around the house. There will no doubt be many people going in and out, tracking dirt and mud. Place some extra doormats around the house to keep dirt localized. Consider putting a shoe rack by the front door or in the mud room, if you don’t already have one.

Donate Old Belongings

Another great task for your summer to-do list can be thinning out your closet. It can be hard to get rid of clothes sometimes, for that reason you should go by the year rule. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, chances are you probably won’t. Re-organizing your closet and donating old pieces of clothing makes your space feel homier. Plus, it feels pretty darn good to help out those let fortunate than you.

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