Space saving tips


February, 2017


Space saving tips

It seems like the more space you have, the more junk you have to fill the space. Maybe this is why so many people are turning to a minimalist lifestyle. But it may be difficult to live with minimal space, with everything you need, and make it look organized and clutter free. We’ve compiled a list of space-saving tips for this week’s blog.

Light and Bright

One of the easiest ways to make a space look and feel bigger is by utilizing light colors. For instance, opt for an ivory sofa over a darker color like blue. Also, if you’ve got windows in your home, use them! Keep blinds or curtains open, and let light flow into your apartment. Natural light gives the illusion that an area is bigger than it really is. In addition, place some decorative mirrors around that will reflect light into other areas.

The Right furniture

Try to steer clear of bulky furniture that is low to the ground or resting on the ground. Instead, find pieces that have storage space underneath. Some beds even have slide out drawers underneath and are ideal for someone who needs a little extra closet space. There are some fantastic dining room sets that fold into each other when not in use. You may be able to put storage containers under your couch, too.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Whether you’re using existing cupboards or finding ways to install new ones, you can significantly increase the space in your home. One of my favorite space-saving tips is hanging measuring spoons and cups on the inside of a kitchen cupboard. Go the extra mile by painting the inside with chalkboard paint and labeling each utensil. On the other hand, sometimes removing doors is a good option. For instance, closet doors actually take up a lot of room. By removing them you can save a lot of floor space, and still hide its contents by hanging a curtain. If you have a multi-level home, consider using all the extra space underneath the stairs. There are companies that will create custom drawers. Not only will you receive a lot more space but you’ll gain a unique aspect to your home.

Hang it Up

When in doubt, hang it up. Love to cook but don’t have enough space for all your pots and pans? Invest in a hanging pot rack to make room for other kitchen essentials. Rather than having utensils taking up space in a drawer or on the countertop, hang them up on the side of the cabinet. In addition, spices can be “hung” on the fridge by gluing a magnet to the top.

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