Practice Construction Safety This Summer


July, 2017


Summertime is perfect for doing home renovations or construction projects. There’s nothing better than being out in the sunshine, working with your hands. Not counting days spent by the pool, of course. But, with the rise of do-it-yourself projects, there is always the chance that someone could get hurt. For that reason, brush up on construction safety to ensure you have a great summer with no incidents.

Construction Safety Tips

One of the most common injuries homeowners face when completing a project is caused by not wearing any protective gear. That’s right, by forgetting goggles or protection for your ears you run the risk of injuring yourself. Debris from the worksite could get stuck in your eyes or loud machinery could damage your hearing. Take the necessary construction safety precautions when doing your summer projects.

Also, be sure to use high quality, well-maintained tools as part of your construction safety. This is important because low-quality tools have a higher chance of breaking mid-use. In addition, it could take a lot longer to get a job done if you use low-quality tools. That could lead to other conditions such as carpal tunnel and other finger related injuries.

Only use tools as they were intended. Failure to heed warnings on tools and machinery could lead to serious injury. No one wants to be nursing an ouchie all summer when you could be drinking a beer on the porch, right? Right. Additionally, don’t ever carry a tool by the cord, only hold them the correct way by the handle. When handling tools, be mindful that the cord doesn’t come into contact with oil, water, and heat. Plus, make sure that you keep the cord away from sharp edges.

Even though you may be aware of good construction safety, others may not be, For this reason, work in an area that is away from other people who could potentially get hurt from heavy machinery. Be conscious of the area you are working in, so you don’t accidentally trip.

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