Gutter Basics


MARCH, 2016


While it’s true that not every home needs gutters, that’s really not the case for the majority of Nebraska homes.

The amount of rain that we’ve incurred in the last 12-or-so months has made sure that we ALL know that. So, let’s take a few minutes to explore what a well constructed gutter system consists of and what it does for us…and our homes.

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Gutters 101

Gutters are long narrow “tubes” that are attached to our homes with the express purpose of rerouting rain from the roof. They funnel the water to the downspouts which bring the water down to ground level and then direct it away from the structure. This allows for the ground immediately adjacent to the home to stay free from being waterlogged. The more water that can be diverted from the house means less potential water that can wreak havoc on foundation. Now, if we didn’t have gutters, heavy rains would effectively turn our roofs into waterfalls and water would simply sheet down from the edge of the roof, ruining landscaping and what not. There are many a lamenting homeowner out there who can attest to the fact that when water is allowed to collect next to the foundation of their home, that water will find a way into the structure… thereby causing water damage.

“There’s a multitude of different material that gutters can be crafted from, including steel, vinyl, copper, and aluminum.”

There are several elements to a functional gutter system, above and beyond the gutters themselves. For instance, a home should have a well designed roof that allows for the drainage of stormwater into the gutters and/or roof drains. The gutters themselves need to be designed to handle and capture ALL the drainage from the roof and be able to direct said water into the downspouts, which are the tubes that carry water from the gutters to the drainage system. And, the drain system is the in-ground piping that helps to carry water away from the home and into the storm drains, etc.

There’s a multitude of different material that gutters can be crafted from, including steel, vinyl, copper, and aluminum. Depending upon the type and style of home that you have, one variation of gutter material may be better suited for the individual and aesthetic needs of your home. If you’re thinking that new (or improved) gutters may be in your near future, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! J-Tech Construction is your “one stop shop” for all your exterior home needs!

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