Getting an Insurance Claim Extension After Serious Storm Damage


August, 2016


When hail damage hits it is never convenient. The kids are out of school for the summer, you’ve got a full schedule of summer camps, baseball games, and your entire extended family has decided this is the year to get married it seems, right? Well, not to worry, there is good news!

There are several reasons for the claim deadlines but to put it plainly; deadlines limit the homeowner’s ability to recover the depreciation that is held back from the original claim payment. It also puts limitations on negotiations for supplements. If you’re not familiar, supplements occur when an adjuster has missed damage during the original inspection and are typically submitted by the contractor on the homeowner’s behalf in order for the homeowner to receive insurance funds for the damage missed by the adjuster. Obviously, these are two very important reasons to file an extension if necessary.


Who Do You Trust?

Another very important reason for extensions simply comes down to, who do you really want doing work on your house? After a storm like the one Lincoln experienced this year on May 9th hits, it doesn’t take long for roofing, siding, and other contractors to fill up their production schedules. So, what does this mean for homeowners? You’ve done your research, you’ve read the reviews, you’ve found the contractor you’d like to use so you give them a call…only to find out they are booked for a few months. Your claim deadline is coming up so what do you do? Do you disregard all of your research and pick a contractor that you’re not 100% comfortable with? Of course not!

“…do you disregard all of your research and pick a contractor that you’re not 100% comfortable with? Of course not!”

If you live in one of the many areas that was struck with the hail storm in May, I’m sure you have noticed the many contractors in your neighborhood. If you look closely I’m sure you will notice that several of these contractors are sporting out-of-state license plates and such. Now, there are several companies from other states who do fantastic work, don’t get me wrong. However, Lincolnites seem to understand the best that shopping local benefits everyone from the homeowner, to the contractors, to the community.

If you’re a proud Lincolnite who would rather shop local with the contractor of your choice but you are worried about meeting the claim deadline, give your contractor a call. Many times they can help you with the extension process. Most insurance companies will allow you to extend your claim for another 185 days if you have a contract in place with a contractor.

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