Family Is Our Business


December, 2016


Family Is Our Business

One of our philosophies here at J-tech Construction is that we’re a family. We believe that if you treat the people you work with like family, everything runs smoother. In addition to having a well oiled machine, your customers reap the rewards as well. Treat your customers like family and they will get the highest quality product and be satisfied, every time. We pride ourselves on our multiple father-son duos, and the bond we have with each other. To understand more about treating a business like a family, take a look at this weeks blog.


While there is only one owner at J-tech Construction, there is a sense of ownership throughout the company. Own what you do. In fact, many of our installers have decades of experience in their craft. Consequently, they are proud of what they do, and strive to provide our customers with a great result. We like to make all of our employees feel like they are part of a team, rather than demanding they do what they’re told without question. Spread the wealth of ownership. We all like to know that what we’re working towards has meaning.


Within a business, you should protect each other. Don’t revel in other peoples failures. Strive to work together in all you do. Help each other. By lifting others up, the company gets lifted as well. You should lead a company with kindness, and others will follow suit.


Create a culture! We use the best, highest quality products because that is the J-tech way. Creating a set of core values within a company helps establish expectations. In addition, make sure that employees know what your business stands for. As a result, your team will strive to be the best that they can.

Encourage Interaction

Additionally, encourage your team to use their voice. Allow them to be heard and share their ideas. You don’t want someone to feel like they need permission to speak. Ultimately, the goal is to get your team energized and excited, not the opposite. Don’t restrict their participation. The more people converse and get involved, the more you will benefit from a family environment. In effect, you’ll find that your company easily embraces differences. This will help build loyalty within your team, along with confidence. You want to solidify trust between everyone in the company. Also, by opening everything up to discussion, your team may discover opportunities that were previously overlooked.

The Next Step

Lastly, you want to make sure everyone on your team knows how they can progress in the company. If there is a chance to grow, make employees aware. This approach can get people excited about their future careers at the company. Be open and honest, and you’ll find that your employees will support each other. It creates a culture where when one person wins, everyone wins.

In conclusion, it all comes down to your team. Take your parents advice and treat others as you’d like to be treated. Creating a family atmosphere has helped our business become what it is. We pride ourselves in doing our best and supporting our coworkers do their best.

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